Wendi’s Word: Falling into fall

I love fall – there’s just something about the change of season. The vibrant orange, yellow and reds of the leaves. The power of cider and warm sugar donuts on a weekend afternoon while appreciating those last few days of sweatshirt and jeans weather.
I am not a fan of the brisk, cold weather. Temperatures getting into the low 60s and upper 50s is comfortable. I get cold easily to prove the point I wore three layers and a jacket on Friday night during the football game. I put toe warmers on in the car while I listened to the marching band warm up for the game and put hand warmers in the camera bag – just in case. I did end up using the hand warmers.
With kids, I find myself looking for more events. Sure there isn’t a lot for 10-month-old Oliver to do except watch the world from a stroller. Though his eyes flash with ideas on how to break free so he can use his quick crawling skills and his daily growing walking skills.
But Jonathan, at three-years-old, gets to experience more like picking out a pumpkin his size, or nibbling on one or two donuts. He finishes his last session of Kiddie Kickers this weekend. Then, it will be time for Halloween.
Then, it will be November in no time. oh November. I was counting down to November – the anticipation of National Novel Writing Month and joining millions across the world set on writing 50,000 words in 30 days. The craziness unites us all.
I started prepping last month even though I am rebooting an idea I haven’t finished as it keeps evolving and continues to grow.
But in the last few days, the excitement hasn’t been there. November gets hectic and I am already foreseeing not hitting the minimum goal.
But what do I, as one of three Municipal Liaisons (a fancy word for volunteer) for our region, say to writers full of doubt – just write when you can. No matter how crazy the month gets, you can do it. It’s what I say, it’s what I have experienced. It can be done – even with a one-year-old’s birthday at the end of the month, even with Thanksgiving, even with a 12-hour scrapbook crop and whatever else life throws in – 50,000 words in 30 days can be done.

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