Wendi’s Word: Firsts for kindergartner

I don’t know about all of you Clarkston fans but I can’t go right to sleep after coming home from a game.
Optimistically, I would like to especially since the caffeine I had all day seems to disappear by the second half.
The plan was straight to bed after football’s Friday game at Stoney Creek since I did get home later than planned – I hit a detour on my original route home.
I came home. I contemplated going through Jonathan’s folder from school. I shrugged and thought I would check it right then.
What was in it? Something amazing. It was so…beautiful. It was…Scholastic book order forms. Three of them. So amazing.
It is still magical to go to the bookstore and the library. But, those book order forms and the book fairs were amazing when I was in elementary school.
To come in from recess and find a stack of brand new books on my desk, ah, be still my heart.
So, yes, I was probably more excited than Jonathan was to see the book order forms. He saw them and I explained what they were and it did peak his interest.
Now imagine the excitement when the book fair comes to town and if they allow parents into the building for it. Oh, COVID.
This week marks Jonathan’s first spirit week. He was really excited about pajama day on Monday. He even picked out his pajamas to wear to school on Sunday afternoon. Crazy hair day is Wednesday and his hair is already pretty crazy so picked up colored spray. After talking to one of his friend’s grandma, sounds like they are going to do the same thing.
Jonathan also has his first Fun Run in October. It sounds fun – nine obstacles, raise money for the school. I always thought once I had kids it would be fun to go to their school events after taking photos at so many (my external drives can testify to all events.) But, looks like parents are not allowed. Maybe next year…
Probably good though, I tend to exceed the amount of photos. For every five photos you see on a photo page, there were a lot more and it was hard to cut down to even 15 options.
As for me, another trip around the sun complete with another birthday is right around the corner, really marking the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Pumpkins, cider and sugar donuts.

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