Wendi’s Word: From the zone

How is everyone doing out there in lockdown land?
For us, it hasn’t been too bad. With a 15-month-old and 4-year-old who stay at home most of the time, it’s not a change for them. The change will be adventures out of the house. There will be more of an impact as the weeks go by. In the meantime I am keeping my eye out for emails with different activities and checking out websites to help Mr. Easter Bunny since he is supposed to arrive in a few weeks.
Oliver, our 15-month-old, is communicating more. He is making more sounds but also pointing. He will point at the radio in the sunroom if he wants to listen to the CD with toddler tunes on it.
It’s fun to see the boys play together but also satisfied with spending time on their own like when JD plays with Duplo Legos and Oliver will play with Little People.
My favorite is when they are both reading. Of course they aren’t reading how I read, but they are sitting down with books, turning the pages and taking their time looking at the pictures.
I headed to our local library before they closed down on March 16, luckily I had checked their social media. I picked up some DVDs for the boys so they would have something different and books for Jonathan. I have been rationing them so we don’t quickly go through them. But “Fox in Socks” needs to returned to the library, that one was a bit rough for bedtime.
I picked up three books for myself which after a week I think is still funny as it takes me about three weeks to finish a book from the library. It’s been over a week and haven’t even made a dent in one of the books. I have been more into a series I found on Amazon Kindle, the Penny Green series by Emily Morgan.
I also think it’s funny I borrowed books from the library when I have hundreds at home. Plus, I usually read at night. Or try to scrapbook pages. Or just go into quiet mode and watch something on Netflix or Disney-plus. I have been listening to more podcasts if there are recommendations.
What are you doing with this time? Let us know by emailing ClarkstonNews@gmail.com. We are checking email as we work from home.

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