Wendi’s Word: By your leave

I have said it before and I will say it again – there’s nothing like being at a Clarkston game.
It leaves you with a great feeling – the crowd is cheering and rallying behind their team. The excitement from the fans and the players can be felt throughout the game but even more so as the minutes count down in a playoff game.
It was the same at Okemos High School on Saturday afternoon as the Clarkston Varsity Football team sealed their fourth trip to the state championship in six years.
Players were hugging and high fiving each other on the sidelines. The emotions were high when friends and family joined the players on the field.
Before we go into the final game of the season, kudos. Kudos to the boys – you did it! You made it to the state championship. Keep working hard, you aren’t done yet. Kudos to the parents and guardians for everything you do – words of encouragement, team dinners, building a shelter for the guys during those windy, chilly games.
Kudos to the coaching staff. There are over 100 years of experience with those nine guys and that’s just coaching experience. It doesn’t count the number of years they played as a Wolf, too.
For the community, hope you rest those voices during the next few days – I want to hear the loudest cheers from those wearing their Clarkston gear at Ford Field.
Well, as long as little Baby Price holds on, this Saturday will be my last big game before maternity leave. Beginning Nov. 29, I will learn the art of balancing a toddler and an infant all during the holiday season. May have helped if I would have done my Christmas shopping before this week. Alas, there are still Barbie dolls from last summer’s storage clean-out.
Your coaches have been alerted and you might see Phil Custodio, our editor, out at a few events. For winter sports parents, ask your coaches how you can help – sending stats, a summary. I am sure they would appreciated it. Heck, I would appreciate it. I never seem to time maternity leave during the summer.
I will still sneak in a column here and there, but I will be back in the office on Friday, Jan. 11.

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