Wendi’s Word: More boxes, more fun

It’s spring time!
Big exclaimation mark. Huge!
I am excited for garage sales. More specifically to hold a garage sale. There’s just…so…much stuff. It is definitely spring clean time.
I was good at the beginning of 2021 – making a list of every area of the house for a checklist with the goal to go through every nook and cranny in the house. Well, I made the list. I went through the dresser and some shelves in the closet. Then, I put some bags and boxes in the basement.
It’s not horrendous – like wall to floor, but it’s not good either. There is a lot of baby stuff which is organized and ready to go upstairs into the garage.
The last month hasn’t helped. My mom has turned my old bedroom at her house into her craft room. But, since she wants her stuff in there anything I had left, which didn’t seem like a lot, has been moved over to our house.
Some items are geared to be put into the garage sale pile…er…mountain. Like souvenir glasses – collecting them seemed like a great idea in my 20s. It is true they were a great dust collector on the shelves when I displayed them.
Then, there are the plastic bins for under the bed. They are currently on the other side of my desk filled with at least four years of The Clarkston News editions, books and VHS tapes.
Oh, yes, VHS tapes. I know exactly why I kept them because I didn’t have the movie on DVD and couldn’t find the movies on DVD. To go with it, in another box had music cassette tapes with a Sony Sports Walkman which somewhat works if you hold it and twist your hand just so.
Also, can’t forget the boxes within boxes which included two shoebox sized containers with extra photos from when I used to order duplicates.
What hasn’t gone into the garage sale pile are the movie posters. Most of the posters are still wrapped in plastic on the cardboard they came with when I bought them from Suncoast Motion Picture Company store, specifically the one at Summit Place Mall. The “Batman Forever” poster looks like it has seen better days.
Well, I am going to either go put the bins in a different corner in basement…or avoid. I think I have a stack of books which need to be read.

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