Wendi’s Word: Novels and nutrition

The first day of National Novel Writing Month has come and gone.
I am being a rebel again this year and not starting a new novel, but continuing to work on another novel. I wrote new words on Sunday, the first day. I also edited a little bit.
Now, I sit here on the second day and my brain seems like an internet browser with 20 tabs open. Maybe it’s because I am sitting in the home office and aware of everything that needs to be done. Like finding the desk. Or finishing to prep for an upcoming scrapbook crop (finished on Tuesday night). Or organizing stuff (let’s be honest, that will just be an ongoing to-do). Or putting away the Christmas presents I have so the kids don’t see them if they venture down to the office (sorted and hidden). Which reminds me where did the karaoke microphone go the kids come down to play with (found it – it was on the second shelf of the 3-shelf cart.)
The office is just…organized chaos. Even the things that need to be organized are in a nice container with a label “Random Stuff – Organize Me.”
Plus, there’s the bag of Halloween goodie bags. I may have over calculated the amount of kids in our neighborhood. The boys don’t need the candy. Mike doesn’t want to know where it is. And me, I am on my plan with Nuview Nutrition (and feel like I am rocking it.)
So, that’s where the mind is today, besides just avoiding social media until the dust has settled from the election.
Thanks for those who emailed in response to my last column in which I said goodbye to my 14-year-old Saturn Vue.
I mentioned my new vehicle does not have a CD player which isn’t a problem, I have a MP3 player with AUX cord.
But the readers did remind me about portable CD players. I did have one for my very first car – which only had a tape deck. I guess we have come a long way since the mid-90s. Since I keep a lot it should be somewhere…maybe.
Richard L. wrote, “don’t throw away your CDs.” Eep, I hope I didn’t give the impression I would throw those away. I still have a good 90 percent of my CD collection. (I only got rid of a few through the years if I only like two songs or less on it but not the soundtracks. I enjoy my soundtracks.)
Thanks for the response everyone! And, to update, the Vue is official gone and out of the driveway.

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