Wendi’s Word: Oxford Strong

I am heartbroken.
I don’t know how else to begin but to point out what many others are feeling.
By now more information has come out about what happened Tuesday, Nov. 30 at Oxford High School.
This is one of those events you will remember where you were. I was home. I just got home from finishing the weekly edition of The Clarkston News. I was eating a sandwich and scrolling through Facebook. My main feed was just posts from moms asking what was going on at Oxford High School. Some comments in the posts said what was going on – an active shooter. Then, I heard the sirens passing our house.
I will pause right here. If you didn’t know not only do I live in the Oxford community and five-year-old Jonathan is in Oxford Schools, but I grew up and graduated from Oxford. I am a Wildcat. I graduated with many who also have kids in the Oxford district, even the high school.
So my heart broke for all the current Wildcats having to go into a lockdown, not knowing what was going on who was hurt. For the parents not knowing what was going on, some just going on short text messages.
My heart continues to hurt for the four students who died and their family and friends; for the injured who are healing; for the students who had their lives shaken up.
I know one of the moms of one of the injured. Her updates on her child healing gives me hope especially when she shared her injured student was eating sushi and eating cheesecake.
Big hugs and thank yous to first responders and teachers. There’s so much to say but I feel like thank you says it all.
The support from other communities has been astounding. We are #OxfordStrong.
Jonathan got a big hug after I picked him up early from his elementary school that Tuesday afternoon. A lot of parents were hugging their kids after arriving early when the district sent an email it was okay to pick up students before usual dismissal time.
If you need a hug, I am sending you a hug. If you need tissue, I have tissue.

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