Wendi’s Word: Pieces of Vue

It’s a noise not heard too often, but when you hear it you definitely know what it is – the crunch.
I heard the crunch last Thursday as I was heading into the gas station to pre-pay for gas. I closed my eyes for a millisecond and turned around.
I knew where the crunch came from as I was the only vehicle parked. I walked to the front of my Saturn Vue and two pieces from her front, left side sat on the pavement with two screws.

A few pieces fell off when vehicle was hit parked at the gas station.

My gaze traveled up to the cracked, grey of her exterior. As far as I could tell it was only cosmetic.
The gentleman who hit my Vue and I exchanged information and sometime this week my husband will get an estimation for repairs. I was and still am quite calm about it. I wasn’t in the vehicle. My kids weren’t in the vehicle. Plus, the Vue hasn’t really had anything major happen to her in her 214,000 miles in the last 13-plus years. Don’t get me wrong, I am sad, but she’s driveable.
As for the boys, three-year-old Jonathan’s new phrase is “I don’t know” complete with shoulder shrug and hands up for the nonverbal indication he doesn’t know.
With his three-month-old brother, Oliver, he tries to be helpful. He wants to lift him up. He helps out in other ways without realizing it, like giving brother a toy.
And Oliver, there is a light in his eyes when he watches Jonathan, reflecting a combination of admiration, curiousity and love for his bigger brother.
Though when the camera is out, they want nothing to do with the moment being captured. I foretell family photos are going to be a little bit rough.
March is Reading Month and Jonathan has hit 400 books in his 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten goal, receiving a sticker and a new sheet to mark the next 100 books on.
As for me, I finally finished the book I borrowed from our local library at the beginning of February. Thank goodness for auto-renewal. I know they won’t dance in celebration when I finally bring it back, but in my imagination the librarians do.
Borrowing from the library reminds me why I buy books. The budget may not allow it but there is something to be said about a new, crisp book.
Now to decide on the next book – go with the next in series or something new.

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