Wendi’s Word: Props to Clarkston

A big shout out to Clarkston Athletics.
First, it was Krystal Bergman creating a logo in support of the Oxford community – blue and gold united. Then, it was creating and selling T-shirts and yard signs to raise money for the Oxford community.
If you didn’t know they used the money to get Oxford Community Schools a therapy dog – Deputy Oxford.
Just the logo alone gave me fuzzies. If you missed December’s column, I grew up in Oxford, graduated from Oxford and our oldest attends an elementary in Oxford. Now, I work in Clarkston. I loved the blend of the two communities I frequent .
So a hug right back to you – the Clarkston community and Clarkston Athletics for the T-shirts and the signs.
Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great beginning to 2022! Three-year-old Oliver has slept through two nights which is better than he has the last two months so I am feeling pretty good. Still highly caffeinated but…
Also, first week of the year back to routine which was off just a bit with Jonathan home from school for most of December. Is he excited to be back? Well, from what he has shared he is excited to get back to having pretzel boat for lunch again. (I try to have him pick a different lunch.) He talks about his classmates so yes – good to be back.
Has anyone broken their new year’s resolutions yet? I… I haven’t broken just haven’t done as well.
But, excited to get organized. During the first weekend of the year Mike built shelves and put them up in the office. I love shelves. I also have an organized chaos of containers which can be put on the shelves. Might have a few late nights and load the shelves. They are perfect for the containers I use for 12×12 scrapbook paper.
Soon put everything back into the office and maybe, just maybe, I will go through everything and get rid of what I don’t need. Most of it has been boxed up since July.
As for any big new year goals, the usual read more books and write. Maybe get out the sketchbook a time or two and revisit drawing. Show the kids one time mama had some skills.
Whatever your goals may be, the year is still young.

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