Wendi’s Word: Snow time for pics

Bundled up in winter jackets, snow pants, mittens, hats and shoes, the boys took advantage of the amount of snow which fell on Saturday.
Four-year-old Jonathan was out first, helping to shovel snow before 13-month-old Oliver came out head to toe in winter gear. Oliver didn’t know what to make of the cold, wet, white stuff all over the ground. But he did have fun on the double sled the boys received from Grandpa Price for Christmas. Both boys smiled big and giggled as they traveled down the driveway.
JD spent some extra time building a snowman with Mike before coming in for hot chocolate. In summary, that was our lazy Saturday. No place to travel to and enjoy the weather from home.
It was a little different from the other wintery Saturday, Jan. 18, which I did travel during “Icemageddon 2020.” Not far and it was a straight shot.
I packed up all of my totes and took advantage of a scrapbook crop which popped up on my radar in late November. It was close in distance. It was at one of my old schools and a fundraiser.
I was focused going in – so focused I was getting a little stressed about getting there since the roads were supposed to be bad. I arrived at 9 a.m., set everything up, hustled, packed everything up, and hit the roads for home by 7 p.m. It was early but if the roads were going to get bad at night, leave early.
I finished 15 pages, which is pretty good considering I probably only scrapbooked for less than eight hours. I bounced around a lot, not focusing on working on one specific album. I also didn’t go in chronological order – something I have been breaking away from.
I started with drama club pages and moved around from there. I scrapbooked zoo pictures which I wasn’t even prepared to scrapbook. I didn’t even have any embellishments or animal paper. I bought a few from a vendor. Then, took the photos out of the photo album there were in. Nothing fancy, not even any journaling since they were with random zoo photos from the 1980s. I ended with a few pages for JD’s scrapbook, making a small dent for his first year album.
The day really set the momentum to keep it up. The break and mess in the office really slowed me down for Christmas.

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