Wendi’s Word: Spring has arrived

Ah, sweet springtime!
The boys were made for the outdoors.
Five-year-old Jonathan has no problem jumping out of the vehicle after coming home from school and going right to his “rock quarry” in the backyard. Really it’s just dirt from where we pulled out a lot of overgrown plants and weeds from behind the house.
He likes to dig and search for worms.
Though last week he was excited to get home to see if rain had filled up his dump trucks. The rain had and the muddy mess of JD went straight to the bath after coming inside.
Two-year-old Oliver is a big fan of slides and riding his tricycle. He gets right on the tricycle when he goes into the garage because taking brother to school or picking brother up from school seems to be code for jump on the tricycle. He is usually good at pausing for a moment to let one of us put a helmet on his head before he rolls down the driveway and picks his direction of where to go in our small subdivision.
Oliver is also at the fun stage where he enjoys having time to himself to play especially when brother is at school. He’s great in the playroom. It’s a “good quiet” when I can peek over my laptop and he is just putting puzzle pieces away or building with blocks.
It’s when I am on the laptop working in the dining room that’s a problem. He just keeps going into the kitchen and moving the stools around to climb up and grab clementines, bananas, apples, etc.
And, ah yes, springtime and spring cleaning. I cleaned out eight cubes in the closet. It doesn’t seem like much, but with two kids it was quite a feat. As I put stuff back in, they took stuff out or vice versa.
Each time I purge things I feel closer to having less items but further away. I did get rid lotions and hair products which were much older than Jonathan. Not much but it’s gone
I didn’t have much shoes to go through. But I did have to throw away a pair of shoes because the material was tearing away. But, I did get the heels for $5 when Kohl’s was closing at Summit Place Mall. Didn’t they close in 2019? I did love those heels. I could actually walk in them.
Two of the cubes were hats and I did go through them. But I only took two out so maybe those need another hard look…in about two years.

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