Wendi’s Word: Staying strong without coffee

I have finished seven weeks going coffee free. I will admit some days have been easier than others.
I did want a cup of the delicious liquid last week before going into a game. I was tired and needed the boost. Alas, it was after 5 p.m. and since I had been without for so long I didn’t want it to keep me up all night.
At the beginning of each week, it’s easy to say I might break the streak. By the end of the week, it’s easy to keep on drinking green tea since I am almost at the week mark without coffee.
We will see what this week brings.
This past Saturday brought interesting reflections. It seems I am always on my plan with Nuview Nutrition when I have a 12-hour scrapbook crop which is where I was this Saturday (30 pages done).
I have an internal struggle of “nuts, I can’t snack on all the goodies they have” to questioning would I want to snack on it during a 12-hour event. Believe me, the cookies smelled delicious (my sister let me sneak a scent). But sugar has an effect of giving me the nice buzz of energy and then crashing down. Who is to say I would have accomplished getting 30 pages done in the time I was there. Now as for the cupcakes, I smelled those while packing a few to take home to my husband and 2-year-old son, and the sugary smell left me feeling sick.
Another part of me points out to myself I did pay for the food when I paid the $45 fee. But, bringing my food I know what’s in it. I know my vegetables have nothing added to them. I know the chicken I brought doesn’t have any added butter or oils to downturn my progress with Shape ReClaimed.
As I try to continue to conquer reading one book per month, my son Jonathan has his own goal to achieve even if he didn’t set it.
Through our local library, well one of the three we visit, he is signed up for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, for ages from birth to five-years-old. He is 12 days into it and already has 45 books tallied – the ones we kept track of reading.
It’s not too hard. We read to him throughout the day. Plus, it gives us a great reason to explore the libraries in our area to look for new books especially about his favorite characters.

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