Wendi’s Word: Summer like a mom

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and enjoyed the warm, sunny weather after all the rain we had a few weeks ago.
I spent most of Saturday having a Mommy Day. I didn’t go anyplace special really I didn’t go anywhere except the basement.
Thinking about it now, it’s mirrors really well with my childhood and spending hours in the basement playing Barbies and driving Barbie’s 1957 Chevy all over the cement floor.
But this Mommy Day, I cleared off half of my desk, put on “Friends” for background noise and scrapbooked.
I finished the last 12 pages, including cover and last page, of Jonathan’s California 2018 album. Not too bad. Itonly took me two 12-hour crops (which let’s be honest with unpacking everything, breaks, packing everything up it’s not 12 solid hours of scrapbooking) and about six hours on Saturday. It took me less than six month – amazing. I just had to sit down and do it.
The rest of the holiday weekend – boys played outside and I attempted to pull weeds. There’s too many. The weeds have made themselves at home and invited all their friends.
It’s fun to see the boys grow. Both are at the point they play on their own. JD loves playing in the dirt in the back yard while Oliver likes to be in the vehicles. Oliver goes to one or both cars and tries to get in. So, I just open all the doors and windows. The boys have been in my vehicle enough that is no longer clean.
They can usually keep themselves busy wherever we are. Jonathan was great at softball camp last week. He pulled dandelions and picked up trash he found on the grass or along the fences. He also played in the dirt. The kid likes dirt. The breaking point was about 90 minutes and mostly because I forgot to bring a snack down to the field.
The boys give a big thanks to Clarkston Softball coaches and players for sharing popsicles.
Well, speaking of the boys and thinking about playing there is cleaning up I have a mountain of toys to continue to organize the basement. It’s amazing how quickly stuff piles up.
Stay cool in the hot weather!

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