Wendi’s Word: The silver lining

I didn’t go looking for trouble, I just found it.
Remember all that rain we had a few weeks ago, I found some of it had ventured into the corner of my basement office.
Here’s how it happened, the “If You Gave a Mouse a Cookie” version of what happens when I reorganize or clean.
JD has a small area in my office where I put things like coloring books, notebooks, crayons, stickers, construction paper and more for the boys for they have something to do. It was getting crazy.
I needed to redo the area, which is a shelf with a door that comes down. I used some extra storage boxes, reorganized everything into boxes and labeled the boxes.
Then, I had to shift some things around the office because I can’t just clean or organize one area and be done.
About 30 minutes later, I made it to the corner of the room where a shopping bag was peeking out besides one of the wheeled totes I use for scrapbook crops.
I opened the bag. Jeez, two T-shirts I bought way back in February for birthday presents. One tee for my best friend’s milestone birthday which was in July and one for my husband’s birthday, which also passed. This reminding me why I can’t shop ahead of time, I hide it so well I hid it from myself.
I put the bag to the side and saw my tubes with movie posters in them. I picked each one up just to remind myself what I had. Twenty-something me was really smart to label the tubes. Twenty-something me also thought when she had a house of her own one day the posters would be everywhere. I have two posters hung up in the office right now – Niagara movie poster and the 2019 National Novel Writing Month poster. So much for collecting those posters.
I picked up the last tube, it’s older from when I won a movie poster in high school. It holds a lot of posters. I picked it up, the bottom was dripping water. It was soaked. The posters had about 1-2 inches of water on edge of each. Some the damage is noticeable, some not so much.
I checked the corner it was in – the carpet was wet. I felt where the other posters were – dry. It turned out there was a crack outside where water would go right into that area. It was caught before it was a bigger problem. Organizing led to finding a leak and saving some posters.

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