Wendi’s Word: Thursday adventure

My co-pilot was very specific as we took the day off and drove around last Thursday.
I was on the lookout for garage sale signs and we did find quite a few subdivision sales – even two in Clarkston on the route we were taking.
But again, my five-year-old co-pilot, Jonathan, was specific – if he didn’t see toys and non-baby items from the road, it was a no. We had to keep going.
We only stopped at one sale . It didn’t have too many toys but all the toys were in the driveway and he found one toy which his brother ended up playing with for the last four days.
Looking back, it’s okay. Who knows out of the sales we passed what have actually found. Through the window shopping we did from the street, passed a lot of furniture and home decor. There was some baby stuff and some toddler items we already have that two-year-old Oliver may or may not play with right now.
As for what was Oliver looking for during our quest, he was on the lookout for the next snack. He brings toys with him so he was pretty content with the small stuffed animals he keeps in my vehicle.
I do enjoy a good deal but the mountain still sits in the basement and continues to grow with items and boxes for our own sale.
The mountain is on one side of the basement with a little hill on top of a six-foot table of toys being organized into do not need and keep. Keep has it’s own few piles including if it should stay in basement.
On the other side of the basement is a new mountain – the office mountain. I had to clear out a lot of the items from in my office which could be moved. Luckily a lot is on wheels but I did bag up and/or box up what was loose on carts like markers. I left Jonathan’s craft cart as is so he could grab stuff.
I had to move it because the heavy rain showed the corner of the office is still leaking. No movie posters were damaged this time – since the corner was now filled with movable carts. But I did finally throw away three movie posters which had gotten drenched and dried together from last year’s office leak.
Here’s to a dry couple of days.

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