Wendi’s Word: Time to clean

The spring cleaning bug kicked into gear during the weekend as the rain continued to drizzle and the gray clouds hid the sun.
Three pieces of furniture were placed into the basement office with a mix of drawers and shelves.
I was happy to pull all the boxes out of the corner so they could be put in. Now I get to put everything in the boxes onto the shelves and into the drawers.
But, even though I am really excited to put the boxes away, I am taking it slow. It might be the beginnings of the Purge of 2019, but it’s not connected to last year’s purge which was all my childhood items from storage.
It’s really the Organization of 2019. Hmmm, yes that sounds better as it begins with organizing. I have now one plastic storage tote with all my Municipal Liaison National Novel Writing Month items if I continue to be an ML for another year – which means I emptied a box and two bags.
I gave my 10-plus scrapbook albums a home and I can take my in-the-works albums out of my crop totes and onto shelves.
Clearing out boxes also just helps to get rid of the little items which accumulate – such random items once they are all in one box.
The rain cleared out on Sunday and Monday. The sunshine was a welcomed brightness as I felt my skin absorbing the Vitamin D. The forecast looks good for this week but it can change in a matter of minutes in Michigan.
Oliver’s first Easter is in the books. He visited the Easter Bunny once and was asleep as the infamous bunny held him. He was awake in time for photos with eggs scattered at the archery range at the North Macomb Sportsman’s Club while he was nestled in his carseat.
It’s close to the same photo we have of JD for his first egg hunt. Oliver may have been wearing the same outfit JD did but without the tiny tie.
As for JD, he had the opportunity to do four egg hunts. The last one was on Sunday as the Easter Bunny also left some eggs for him in the grass outside our house.
After getting candy and small toys during the first three hunts, he didn’t seem to thrilled to find stickers in Sunday’s eggs. Maybe the Easter Bunny decided he didn’t need candy.

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