Wendi’s Word: To theater or not to theater

For an insider peek, I usually have three ideas before I open the column template for my week. I have more while driving but three really stick.
Late last week, I began with the first idea and now on Sunday I come back to a second idea because of an article I skimmed, discussing how millennials and Gen Z are keeping movie theaters in business. It was from December 2019 and just popped on my feed so I know my cell phone is listening to me.
So, the second column idea was to talk about movie theaters. It began with a proposal from developers to put a mix of commercial and residential on the northwest corner of Waldon and Sashabaw roads (“Residents not yet sold on marketplace proposal” in the Feb. 5 edition of The Clarkston News).
What caught my eye was a movie theater being part of the development. I love going to the movie theater and, sure, it would be convenient if Clarkston once again had one. But there are movie theaters in Waterford and Grand Blanc. There are more, but I don’t go there for the movie theater experience. I mostly go to Grand Blanc, but if I am going to go, it’s going to be Rochester Emagine.
But, I haven’t minded traveling since I received my driver’s license. I didn’t mind driving to Star Winchester, Star Rochester or National Amusements in Auburn Hills (wow, I am really showing my age).
The process was the same – buy the tickets, debate over what to get at the concession stand, which always included a Frozen Coke. Then, go into the theater for centrally located seats. The lights dim, the trailers roll before it goes dark and the movie starts. Sigh, this is a peaceful, exciting moment. More so now as a parent because I am able to watch a movie of my choosing in one sitting on a date with my husband or girls time out.
I can’t wait to take the boys to their first movie in the theater. I am hoping for Jonathan, it will be “Scoob.” But now the trailer for the new Minions movie was released, he might be more into those little yellow minions.
The love for movies started early – I remember going to Oxford Cinema, eating popcorn in the lobby with my mom waiting to go into one of the two theaters.
It didn’t change in high school. I would pick a movie for my dad and I to see, mostly action or comedy.
I got a Frozen Coke and a bag of Starburst every time. Dad got a nap if it didn’t hold his interest.

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