Wendi’s Word: What a year!

We are coming to the one-year mark where life…got a little crazy and changed our lives from how we work, go to the store or even go to restaurants.
I still remember Jim Sherman, Jr., our publisher, walking into The Clarkston News office on Friday, March 20 and shutting down the office. The invitation was out there if we needed to use the office to work we could, but it was just closed to the public.
It was the last day working in the building 5 South Main Street. I guess I can now officially get rid of my keys since the building sold and has new owners.
It’s weird to think it’s been close to a year since I have worked in the building. It’s been about four months since we received notice to take what we needed from our desks. Yes, I may have had some moisture in my eye. The building met something – it was home.
Funny, when I was in my teen years working in Clarkston and going through downtown every day, I just never noticed the green and red two-story building.
I remember when I walked into the building for the first time – it was spring 2007. I parked in the lot right next to the building. Then, saw the sign on the building – permit parking only. I turned the Vue back on and drove to the parking lot across the street.
I remember sitting downstairs across from the office manager as I held onto my portfolio. Then, going up the stairs to the editorial office, which was a spacious room with windows looking down to Main Street. I would be back in the fall, when I was hired for another position.
Working in the building had benefits, it was a historical building. It had stories. You knew it had a tales to tell with being around since the 1800s. I love historical buildings and places. It’s probably part of my fascination with abandoned places.
People would walk in with stories to tell, not just about themselves, but the building. Many second graders heard stories in 5 South Main Street during the history walk every May.
It was home those first few years especially on late deadline nights where a nap on the couch and a pot of coffee got us through Monday and Tuesday. Luckily as time changed, so did habits. Oh, I can still drink a pot of coffee. But if I am up, it’s because a two-year-old is awake.
I will remember a lot of laughs in the building. It was the setting of friendships starting, goofy moments and a lot of birthday desserts. So many more memories.

I will miss working in the building. I do miss it. But I can’t wait to see what the new owners, Robert Esshaki and Christopher Thomas, do with it.

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