What ‘MATT’ers: A tough year

It’s amazing the older one gets, the faster time seems to fly by.
For example, this past Sunday was the one-year anniversary since our beloved pooch Eddie had his pain and suffering ended. He would have been 17 on July 1.
He was our firstborn, the one that made Stephanie and I “parents.” He was the dog that our three kids knew first and his name for all three of their first words.
I talk to Eddie now and then and let him know that the world is crazy right now and that he’s not missing much.
We all miss him, but he’s in a better place where he can run wild, see and hear, and have eternal love and life.
I was just starting to move forward – not move on – last March when the world got turned upside down with this whole COVID-19 mess.
Talk about having your brain scrambled!
The past 12 months have been tough on so many levels for so many people. Lives and livelihoods have gone awry, and we have all had to adjust to a new way of societal living.
We are all pressing forward, too. That’s the tough part. To move forward and make each day special. It’s not always easy. I get that.
Over the past year, we’ve all lost loved ones, pets included. And let’s be clear – pets ARE family.
This past year has made us all look in the mirror and not take one day for granted. Not one day. I think we have all learned that tomorrow is never promised. We have all heard that phrase, but the past 11-12 months have been proof that this is the truth.
Life is hard in general, even when we’re not in the middle of a pandemic. Throw in new orders and regulations, school shutdowns, business closures, and general life letdowns, and it’s enough for some to maybe want to throw in the towel.
But we can’t. We won’t. We shouldn’t.
Somehow, life goes on, and we will all get stronger having had to endure this “new normal.”
One day we’ll be back to our routine. One day…
I know, for most, that day can’t come soon enough, you know?
Count me in, too!
— Matt Mackinder

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