WHAT ‘MATT’ERS: Howdy, Clarkston!

It’s long been said that once you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.
The plan is to make this a reality at the Clarkston News.
Last week was my first full week at the paper as the new schools and township reporter, and I anticipate jumping right in with both feet into all this area offers.
As I look forward to being a visible and vital member of the local community, maybe a short background recap is in order.
I turned 40 last June (ugh!) and live in Goodrich with my wife of 14 years, Stephanie, our three kids Ethan (13), Wyatt (11) and Madelyn (8), three dogs (Eddie, Max, Georgie) and a cat (Molly).
Chaos pretty much rules our house, I know.
Journalism has been a passion since I was a wee lad growing up in Ferndale (Class of 1996, Go Eagles!) and that intensified during my four years at Wayne State University.
I have been in this business in one way, shape or form since 1997, and cannot see myself ever doing anything else.
See? This has never felt like work. Getting up in the morning is something I look forward to.
In my short time here at the News, I have been welcomed with open arms – and handed numerous assignments – and truly see this as a great fit.
The location of our office downtown is a great setting and our staff is great. The atmosphere around the office is very positive. A real encouraging, friendly energy is present.
Outside of work, coaching all three kids’ sports (baseball, soccer) takes up much of my so-called downtime, but you know what? These kids are only young once.
One day, we’ll look back and wonder where the time went.
Heck, we do that now with a teenager in the house! And a 15-year-old dog!
Overall, I am beyond happy to have been given this opportunity and look forward to making the most (and best) of it as I immerse myself into this role.
Hope to see you around town!

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