What ‘MATT’ers: Making 2021 positive

Personally, this time of year more times than not has me kind of in a hazy funk.
I always look forward to Halloween because that means Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which feeds into the Christmas season with kids home from school and extended family time.
And let me just say – there is nothing, absolutely nothing better – than family time at home.
Growing up, I was always fascinated by the increasing lead-up to Christmas – the commercials, the music (and yes, it is OK to start the Christmas music the day after Halloween!), the sappy movies, the classic movies, the mounds of food we consume, and the timeless memories we make.
The hype gets bigger, better, and louder every day. It builds to that roaring crescendo and then, boom, it’s December 25. Wrapping paper is everywhere, smiles are everywhere, and we all seem to forget about life’s follies for that one day.
And then December 26 rolls around.
No more music.
No more movies.
No more commercials.
No more hype.
To coin a popular song from 1989 by Soul II Soul, December 26 is “back to life, back to reality.”
We now have whole year to look forward to those euphoric times we all enjoy.
Great. In Michigan, the end of December and start of January is usually met with snow, freezing temperatures, icy roads, waiting in long lines to exchange those Christmas gifts that weren’t just right, and realizing those mounds of food you consumed have your favorite jeans a tad tight in the thighs now.
So here’s what we should all do – and this is in no way easy.
We all know 2020 was a downer of a year on so many levels. And maybe 2021 will be the same. Or worse.
Or better.
It is so easy in life to focus on negative stuff and the sour attitudes that go along with that. We’ve all been there. Every one of us.
So now what? It’s the middle of January and for some, a time to reflect on goals and aspirations for the coming 11 months and change.
Let’s get after it. Let’s stay positive and let’s keep moving forward.
— Matt Mackinder

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