WHAT ‘MATT’ERS: Nice job, Pat


Not only does Pat Kittle run Independence Township, but he vacuums the office, too.
No kidding.
When I went in there a few weeks back to interview Barb Pallotta regarding her impending retirement as township clerk, there was Pat vacuuming.
Talk about a jack of all trades.
And he’s just what the township needs.
Having only been with the Clarkston News for three months, I have interacted with Pat on a number of occasions and let me tell you, the man is a straight shooter and doesn’t hide anything. He welcomes residents to contact him and is certainly not shy with us media types. I mean, who else would tell the media that the construction nightmare on Sashabaw Road will be nothing short of a “goat rodeo?”
Over his six and a half years as township supervisor, the list of accomplishments for the Township Board of Trustees is impressive: balanced budgets, internal cash policies and controls, enhanced billing and receivable office automation, zero tolerance ethics policies, professional board meetings, numerous park upgrades, numerous safety path upgrades, numerous road projects (township and RCOC), elections passed all county and state audits, maintain and equip first responders with latest equipment, communicate monthly via the Township Times and websites and on-demand televised board meetings, numerous facility upgrades, numerous water and sewer upgrades and utilizing the enterprise content management system.
In attending each board meeting since late February, I have seen the way Pat manages and keeps the meetings rolling and on track. Even with Barb retiring and Trustee Jim Tedder and Treasurer Paul Brown resigning from the board to take new employment, Pat will continue to run things smoothly, in my opinion.
Even as he told me last week that for the 2020 election, “I am keeping my options open, but right now the plan is to run again as supervisor,” this township is in good hands with Pat.
Back in April, he invited area residents and business owners to the meeting that unveiled the Sashabaw construction agenda and was very open and honest, leaving few questions to be asked.
Maybe some folks like Pat’s outgoing and no-nonsense personality, maybe some would rather be told what they want to hear. All I know is that in my limited time dealing with Pat, he’s proven to be a man of his word. And in looking at everything the board has done in his six and a half years at the helm, just wow.
Are there more projects to be taken on? Of course. That work never ends and will go on long after you and I are no longer on this great planet.
What I’m trying to say is “Thank you, Pat Kittle.” He brings stability and sustainability to the township and I sure hope he runs – and wins – in 2020.

— Matt Mackinder

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