WHAT ‘MATT’ERS: Reporting the news

Being a reporter may seem like a cake job, but let me be the first to tell you it’s more than typing words into a file and sending it to the editor for publication.
In fact, the first thing a reporter has to realize – and I learned this when I first started in this industry some 22 years ago – is that not everything we write about will be positive, sunshine and rainbows.
When done correctly, news is strictly fact-based and encompasses all sides of an issue.
There’s an old saying that says something along the lines of having two sides to every story and the truth is found in the middle. It’s our job to be that neutral factor.
And yes, in my six months here with The Clarkston News, I have learned that this area is a great place to live and raise a family.
That’s a fact. But we at the paper get a fair share of complaints on a weekly – sometimes daily – basis regarding issues like commercial LED lighting, the mill pond, loud concerts at DTE Energy Music Theatre, sagging safety paths, parking, and government issues.
We do our best to follow up with all these issues and to put both sides out there for the reader to examine and potentially, side with one of the issues.
I get it – everyone loves Clarkston. It’s easy to see why. I get that.
But like every other town in the world, it’s not always positive.
Yes, lots of great things are going on, and we don’t always get it all in the paper.
It’s also our job to report the news, good and bad, positive and negative. And all that happens here in Clarkston. I’d like to think our staff does an outstanding job of reporting on the issues you, the reader, wants to know about – good and bad.
I thoroughly enjoy covering Clarkston schools, Independence Township, public safety and writing the occasional sports feature.
I look forward to writing more and more and my time here continues.
The people I have come in contact with and lean on pretty regularly have been great, and most understand that not every piece we write will be to their liking.
Onward and upward!

— Matt Mackinder

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