WHAT ‘MATT’ERS: Summer, please?

So far this season, the Detroit Tigers have not been overly entertaining at Comerica Park. Photo provided by Andrew G. Clem

The calendar might tell us it’s mid-June, but is summer really on the way?
We’ve had enough rain this spring to think that Noah will emerge at some point, but I think we’ll all take that over the frigid temperatures and snow we had all winter.
The Tigers are nearing the midway point of their season, the Red Wings are getting set to draft the next wave of talent next weekend in Vancouver, as are the Pistons in Brooklyn. And the Lions are, I hope, doing all they can to prepare for next season so the casual fan won’t be uttering the term “same old Lions” over and over.
On the local front, we hear the mowers, trimmers and chainsaws going at a regular pace, the smell of barbecue grills is in the air, car windows are rolled down more frequently, and the kids are done with school. Again, more signs that, apparently, summer is here.
A lifelong Michigan resident, I can say that we generally get the short end of the stick when it comes to seasons here in the Mitten. Fall is from Labor Day to Halloween, winter from Nov. 1 to May 15, and then spring and summer can’t agree, so those two basically mix it up from May 15 until school starts. Is that accurate? It’s not uncommon to wear a winter coat in the morning and be in a tank top by noon. Am I right?
All that said, summertime is about being outdoors and enjoying all that Michigan offers – and there is a lot. From all the parks and outdoor activities and just enjoying the fresh air in general, Michigan has it all. Just go for a Sunday drive (do families even do that anymore?), turn the screens off and just look out the window. This state is so beautiful, and even in all four seasons, which we can sometimes get in one day. It’s true. It happened recently, and on several occasions!
Enjoy the summer months (how ever many we might get) and go that extra mile to connect and reconnect with family. It’ll be well worth it to do it while getting some sun, too.

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