WHAT ‘MATT’ERS: The Sweet 15

Time to get sappy, folks.
There’s a saying I happened upon recently that goes, “Behind every great man is not a woman. She is beside him. She is with him, not behind him.”
This could not be truer as it pertains to my wife, Stephanie.
Today is our 15th wedding anniversary.
Yes, a milestone, for sure, but there are so many times where it still feels like yesterday. Has it really been 15 years? It was a brisk afternoon back on that fall day, and everything went according to plan. We celebrated with our family and friends and made it our special day.
Sadly, when we watch our wedding videos or look at our wedding photo albums and see how many loved ones have passed on, we realize time and again how important it is to live in the moment. Our wedding day was perfect, and it was such a treat to be surrounded by family and those we consider family.
Stephanie came into my life when I least expected it. She stole my heart and still makes me giddy each day when I see her.
Let’s face it – life is tough. Together, her and I have stared down many obstacles in our life and swatted them all away. We also have three kids – their messy rooms aside – that are pretty darn amazing in their own right.
And that spark between us. Well, it’s still burning!
I think what makes our marriage work is the constant support and communication. When she decided to pursue her master’s degree, I backed her 100 percent and could not have been prouder when she graduated in July. When the timing seemed right for me to work outside the house and join the esteemed staff of The Clarkston News, she encouraged me to go for it.
As times can get hectic with work obligations and kids’ activities, we always find time to get in some husband and wife time, even if it’s a quick “I love you” text during the work day or having an impromptu date night on a whim.
Happy Anniversary, Babe! Fifteen down and forever to go! I love you!

— Matt Mackinder

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