Wheel request for Depot Park playground truck

The playground truck in Depot Park could use a new steering wheel, something a reader wants to see soon.

The Depot Park playground is filling up with new and renovated equipment – one piece needs its turn, said a reader who asked to remain anonymous.
“What good is a truck that was never made to actually move, when it is missing the only feature that brings it to life, in a child’s imagination – a steering wheel,” she asked. “Since we live near the park, and have introduced eight grandchildren in turn to Depot Park, it was always amazing to watch the youngest babies ignore all the park’s attractions and propel themselves straight to the drab, wooden truck. It didn’t DO anything! It didn’t even move! But they all pulled themselves up and sat, grasping the big, round steering wheel, turning it and smiling, and imagining all the wonderful sights – they were driving their own truck, while their parents had to wait until they were ready to stop!”
An energetic engineer, autoparts dealer, machine-tool shop man, or talented parent who could fit a new, turnable, steering wheel to the truck at the playground in Depot Park could help bring it back to life, she said.

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