Wolves aim to add Birmingham to winning streak

Clarkston News Sports Writer
Icers dominated the ice as they posted 13 goals on two opponents last week.
“They have been playing much better,” said Clarkston Varsity Hockey Head Coach Karl Daiek. “We still a lot of work to do. They are improving from my standpoint – that’s good. You want to go in every day trying to get better. We still have our hiccups, but every team does.”
Senior Gage Stamper scored the game winning goal over Royal Oak on Saturday after the Ravens tied the score in the third period for the 4-3 win.
Senior Cameron Exline scored two goals in the win and senior Brent Bachusz scored one as juniors Drew Stark and Nik Highducheck had one assist each.
“It was good because we had two guys score goals, Cam and Gage, those aren’t usually the guys we get a lot of scoring from,” Daiek added. “It’s good – we’ve got other people contributing. It bodes well for down the road, and it’s encouraging.”
He added it was also a good win because Royal Oak has a solid, good program and had a lot of players on their roster.
“It was a good game and every game is tough,” Daiek said. “You never know what you are going to run into. It was a good win. They won the league last year. We lost to them twice last year.”
The Wolves hosted Chippewa Valley last Thursday as they defeated them, 9-1.
“It was good,” Daiek said, adding scoring was spread out for the night.
Leading the team were junior Austin McKay and sophomore Brandt Botterill. McKay had two goal and three assists and Botterill had three goals and one assist.
Bachusz had one goal and three assists and senior Yuri Karpushenkoff and Highducheck had one goal and one assist each. Stamper had one goal during the game.
Sophomore Marcus Chiappelli had two assists and seniors Trey Roy, Austin James and Daniel Tremblay had one assist each.
Sophomore goalie Austin Burrum had 15 saves in the net for a 93.33 save percentage.
The Wolves head to Birmingham Ice Arena this Saturday to avenge their 7-4 loss against Birmingham on Dec. 14.
“They are good. They are probably the favorites,” said Daiek. “We have to bear down and step up to the challenge. Then, hopefully win that game then least we can be even with them. It will be a big one.”
He added the four wins since facing Birmingham have helped and it helps with confidence.
“We are beating good teams and doing well against everybody,” he said. “We should give them a battle.”
The game begins at 7:45 p.m. at 2300 E. Lincoln Street in Birmingham.

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