Wolves going extinct? Scare tactics, says reader

Dear Editor,
In the April 17, 2019, edition of the Clarkston News, Mr. James Goodrich wrote that “wolves are in grave danger of extinction …” (“Protect wolves”). Huh?
To the contrary, sir, wolf numbers are way up in Michigan and other midwestern states, too. The Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) estimates there may be 660 wolves in the Upper Peninsula alone. That’s more wolves than they had in Michigan more than a hundred years ago! And 600+ wolves far exceeds the target number established by the Endangered Species Act for a sustainable population in Michigan – wolf numbers in Michigan exceeded that target many years ago. Grave danger of extinction?
Now that wolves have far exceeded the federal target number, wolves should be delisted, giving control back to the states, as the federal law says it will do. This would allow state DNRs to manage the wolves so that wolves do not out grow their food sources nor present a threat to other species like deer, moose, etc. Managing micro issues like this is a job the feds have never done well and never will. State DNRs are far better equipped for this job.
Inaccurate scare tactics, like “grave danger of extinction” should never be used to sway public opinion, nor to influence legislation. If readers call their senators, as Mr. Goodrich suggested, I hope they ask for legislation that allows local people and governments to manage their own resources and affairs.
Ron DeLorme
Independence Township

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  1. MIKE FETZER   May 9, 2019 at 5:31 am

    DeLorme, you have been drinking Trump Kool-Aid! The administration has proposed lifting protection for wolves even in areas where wolves have not re-established footholds in traditional, suitable territory. Of course you didn’t provide wolf numbers or locations in your diatribe; population numbers remain stunningly low. Trump’s environmental destruction efforts are nothing more than an attempt to pander to the least knowledgeable among his base, using his customary lies, deceit and bluster…


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