Wolves rule county at middle school track meet

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Clarkston Junior High School Girls Track and Field team finished as champions at the 36th Oakland County Middle School Championship last Thursday for the third time in school history.
They finished with 72 points during the meet at Clarkston High School, finishing with 11 more points than second place Oxford.
“The team really came together and embraced the idea of the team over the individual in this meet,” said Coach Michael Greve. “There were several athletes who continued to practice and prepare just in case they were needed to back up a relay due to an untimely injury or quarantine. It was a great team win”
Brooke Ratcliff claimed first place in the 70-meter dash with the time of 9.63.
Ratcliff, Keira Zorski, Carsey Collins and Claire Thomas claimed the champion spot in the 800-meter relay, finishing in the time of 1:52.20.

Eighth graders from the Clarkston Junior High School Girls Track and Field win the county championship. Photo from Clarkston Athletics

Collins also claimed first place in the high jump, 4-08; and in the long jump, 14-07.
Results for track events include: in the 70-meter dash, Thomas, 13th place, 10:14; 100-meter dash, Sofia Shields, sixth, 14.11; Rylee Harris, 13th, 14.62; 200-meter dash, Ratcliff, second, 27.85; Zorski, sixth, 28.36; 400-meter dash, Zorski, third, 1:02.76; 800-meter dash, Lauren Williams, seventh, 2:39.71; 1,600-meter run, Lily Miles, 12th, 5:55.76; 3,200-meter run, Miles, 11th, 12:58.17; and 55-meter hurdles, Elia Morgner, 12th, 10.58.
For relay events, the 3,200-meter team of Ava Lonteen, Kendall Sieradski, Miles and Williams finished in fifth place, 10:45.58.
The 400-meter team of Sophia Kreucher, Harris, Thomas and Shields finished in eighth place, 57.32. The 1,600-meter relay team of Lily Banka, Athena Tedder, Lonteen and Williams finished in tenth place, 4:49.64.
For field events, shot put, Emma Delcamp, 13th, 24-10; and long jump, Audrey Morgan, fourth, 12-09.
The Clarkston Junior High Boys Track and Field team tying for 17th place with Bloomfield Hills with 14 points.
“The boys fought hard through several injuries to put forth some of their best times of the season,” said Greve. “Both teams did a great job and have lots to be proud of.”
For track events, in the 70-meter dash, Luke Agar, 18th place, 9.86; 100-meter dash, Gabe Van Goor, seventh, 12.44; Maxim Brown, 17th, 13.18; 200-meter, Van Goor, eighth, 26.07; 400-meter, Pierce Peruski, ninth, 59.20; 800-meter dash, Josh Ellingsworth, 11th, 2:27.12; 1,600-meter run, Jaxson Nowik, 11th, 5:25.26; 55-meter hurdles, Brody Roush, 23rd, 10.96; and 200-meter hurdles, Nolan Kersjes, 22nd, 32.80.
For relay events, the 400-meter team with Maxim Brown, Agar, Peruski, Van Goor finished in sixth place, 51.21. The 3,200-meter team with Cayden DeGrendel, Evan Savoie, Nowik and Ellingsworth finished in sixth place, 10:01.11. The 1,600-meter team with Savoie, Kersjes, Ellingsworth and Roush finished in 11th place, 4:26.87. The 800-meter team with Caden Morrow, Brady Cody, Kersjes and Agar finished in 16th place, 1:56.12.
For field events, in shot put, Cody, tenth place, 32-05.50; high jump, Morrow, third, 5-00; and long jump, Maxim Brown, 17th, 14-05.
Seventh graders from the Sashabaw Middle School Boys Track and Field team tied for seventh place with Ferndale, both scoring 28 points during the meet.
The girls team finished in 13th place with 19 points, the second most points scored in SMS girl’s history.
“Between the boys and girls, they set school records in 11 different events for Sashabaw Middle School,” said Coach Jason Kerr. “When you consider there were only 32 total events, that number is pretty staggering. The last time the boys had scored a point was 2012. They had seven different point scoring performances this year.”
One of the highlights for the day for the boys team included 800-meter relay team became the first boys relay team to medal in school history. The team of Griffin Boman, Lukas Boman, Aidan O’Neill and Jackson Kopsch finished in second place in the time of 1:42.35.
For the track events, in 100-meter dash, Griffin Boman finished in sixth place in the time of 12.40; 200-meter dash, Griffin Boman, sixth, 25.71; Lukas Boman, seventh, 25.80; 400-meter dash, Ryan Gifford, fourth, 56.97; 1,600-meter run; Brendan Sesti, sixth, 5:13.60; 55-meter hurdles, Brayden Pruetz, 15th, 10.31; and 200-meter hurdles, David Richardson, 20th, 32.05.
The 1,600-meter relay team with Gabe Mansour, Alexander Morgan, O’Neill and Gifford finished in fifth place, 4:07.45.
The 3,200-meter relay team finished in ninth place in the time of 10:07.62 with the team of Ryan Barnes, Thomas Logan, Braden Ryske and Sesti. The 400-meter relay team finished in 12th place, 52.41, with the team of Cameron Love, Mason Miller, Tyson Scott and Mansour.
For field events, in shot put, Mansour, ninth, 32-08.50; and long jump, Love, ninth, 15-07.50.
For the girls, Danielle Wisser was the second girl to medal in the 800-meter in school history with her third place finish in the time of 2:37.74.
For track events, in the 70-meter dash, Emilia Catinella, 18th, 10:30; 100-meter dash, Emma Garner, 11th, 14.51; 200-meter dash, Makayala Butki, 19th, 30.40; 400-meter dash, Lana Sloan, 13th, 1:08.96; 800-meter dash, Paityn Sweet, 20th, 2:52.22; 55-meter hurdles, Riley Jurand, 18th, 10.92; and 200-meter hurdles, Caitlin Poterek, sixth, 32.66.
For relay events, the 1,600-meter team with Chloe Trotter, Ava Danielson, Ashley DeHesselle and Sloan finished in fifth place, 4:43.22. The 3,200-meter team with Sydney Fisher, Trotter, Danielson and Wisser finished in sixth place, 10:48.15.
The 800-meter team with Amelia Floros, Butki, Poterek and Garner finished in 11th place, 2:01.19. The 400-meter team with Mackenzie Leahy, Payton Robinson, Catinella and Jurand finished in 12th place, 57.64.
For field events, in shot put, Kennedy Baillie, sixth, 29-03; and long jump, Floros, ninth, 12-03.
Kerr added this season they had about 160 student-athletes in total, making them the largest boy’s and girls’ athletic teams in Clarkston Community Schools.
“With losing last year completely, and only having sixth and seventh graders, this meant it was every single kid’s first experience with track and field,” Kerr said.
“Despite that and all the other obstacles we had to overcome this year with the pandemic, the kids kept great attitudes the entire season. I want to say thank you to the parents, school administration, and the community as a whole for supporting the kids, and helping us have as fulfilling of a season that we did.”

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