WORDS FROM THE SUP’T: Life is like a parade

There’s nothing like a hometown Fourth of July parade to show us (with resounding fanfare) some of life’s most important lessons, and Clarkston is no exception. Since summer attention spans can be short, I’ve compiled just a few of the things we can all take away from last week’s parade.
Look for the popsicles: When things get a little too hot and you’re starting to feel uncomfortable, don’t give up hope. Who knows? A friendly stranger may emerge with just the thing you need.
March to the beat of a different drummer: It’s alright if you get a little out of sync with the band of folks around you from time time – you’re bound to discover your own high notes! And if there’s no band in sight, just make your own drums out of buckets and rock out like the group from Disaster Relief at Work (DRAW)!
Be a helper: Everywhere you look, there are opportunities to make a difference, and no job is insignificant (also, don’t forget to thank the person carrying the literal or figurative shovel behind the horse).
See and be seen: Sometimes it feels like people pass through our lives and get on down the road in a hurry; other times, there are big gaps and we may wonder if we’ll ever see a familiar face come around the bend. Show up, call out to your friends by name, smile, wave. We’re in this together.
Whistle while you work: Just like the Optimist Club’s lawnmower brigade, everything’s better (and more fun) when you work as a team.
Look before you dash: Lastly, don’t be too greedy with the sweet stuff in life. In your mad dash for more and more, you could dart into the path of an oncoming Flying Rhino, or stomp on the hand of your brother… and for what? Be patient, keep your eyes open, and be ready to accept what comes your way with gratitude.
I hope you’re all enjoying the sweet stuff in life this summer in our wonderful Clarkston community. Please keep sharing your great photos and stories with us on social media (I promise to do the same! Follow me on Twitter at @SPRyan1972).
Shawn Ryan is superintendent of Clarkston Community Schools.

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