Writing contest

Three Pine Knob Elementary students were awarded Superstar Writer awards in the third annual Clarkston Kids Writing contest.
One of their prizes was submission for publication in the Clarkston News.
Now Clarkston High students, Evelyn Dice and Brooke Larkin started the contest in 2017 as a project in their English Language Arts class at Clarkston Junior High, with the prompt, “What is your favorite place in Clarkston and why.”
They picked Pike Knob because that’s where they completed their elementary education.

Restaurants: why I love Clarkston

By Delaney Hempton
Today I am going to tell you some reasons I love Clarkston, from the restaurants to the attractions. So let’s get to it!
I love Clarkston because of the delicious restaurants, like the Union because of their delicious mac and cheese! The gooey cheese is so delicious. I wish I could eat it every day. Plus if you go to the Union Woodshop, you can have tasty ribs and pizza. If you are craving some Mexican food, go a hop and a skip away to Honcho! They have delicious nachos.
Another reason I love Clarkston is they have Spotlight Dance Center. The teachers are so nice and I learn something new every time I go there and I always learn something new and fun. They sometimes put together fun activities that are optional for a variety of ages.
Another place I love in Clarkston is Depot Park. This is because of the pretty ducks and the pond. I also love Art in the Park. It is so magical seeing other people’s masterpieces that they sell. And I just really love going to Art in the Park every year. You get to be in a safe community with your peers having a good time.
Another reason I love Clarkston is the feeling that you are safe there. You just feel like you are at home and you are welcome, even if you don’t live here. You will always feel good when you are here. I really love Clarkston with a big portion of my heart.
My final reason I love Clarkston is all the schools are amazing. Like Pine Knob Elementary, I feel so safe when I am there. We also have so many fun events like Movie Night, Bingo Night and so many more!
So there are some reasons I love Clarkston. There are so many more but I can’t fit them all!

Depot Park is place of beauty

By Claire Curry
Clarkston is the best because it has the one and only Depot Park. Depot Park is the best. I will tell you four best reasons why!
My first reason that Depot Park is the best is because Depot Park has a stream where you can see the beautiful birds, feed them and they will make you joyful. Watching the birds swim, and play especially makes the little kids happy.
My second reason Depot Park is the best is it has a merry-go-round. Not all parks have a merry-go-round. This one is special because of that reason.
Whenever I go to downtown Clarkston, I run as fast as I can to the merry-go-round and hop right on and start to enjoy the fun!
But be careful when you’re pushing the merry-go-round not to go too fast because you could go too fast and trip and fall.
My third reason Depot Park is the best is because it has a tire swing. I love the tire swing because the tire swing is not like a regular swing.
They’re different because a regular swing can only swing forward. A tire swing can go in any direction you want it to.
My fourth reason Depot Park is the best because in the summer they have concerts in the park. My family enjoys going there to listen to the music. They also have vendors that sell food and drinks. I even had the chance to paint on a canvas with my brother, while listening to the beautiful music.
Clarkston is the best because it has the one and only Depot Park. Depot Park is a place where you can spend time with your family and friends. It has beautiful birds, a fun merry-go-round, special tire swing, and wonderful concerts in the summer to go and listen, sing, and dance.

Clarkston’s best park

By Ella Sinclair
Have you every thought about why you love your town so much? Well, I did and I love Clarkston because it has my wonderful school, Pine Knob Elementary. I bet if you would live PKE as much as I do if you enjoy an awesome community and loving people, well that is what PKE provides you. I love PKE because I learn a ton, it has beautiful scenery, and I get to see my friends and hang out with them a lot.
First, I love PKE because it is helping me learn all I know. For example, I lean a ton because I am surrounded by a grateful community that cares for me. I think everybody should have that opportunity. They are supportive and care for me as much as their own children they help me understand what I am confused about and expand my horizons.
You should never be afraid to come to PKE, they will appreciate you just as much as students they have known for years. I learn so much from my teachers. For example, they teach me how I can connect the life lessons in books to using them in history, life and my heart. That is why PKE is my favorite place in Clarkston.
Second, I love PKE because it has a wonderful scenery outside. For instance, when we go outside for recess I see beautiful colorful trees in the fall, beautiful white snow covered trees and last beautiful strong trees blooming with colorful flowers in the spring. Also, I don’t just get to see these when I go out for recess, I get to see them out the window with the bright sun shining every morning when I walk into my classroom. The scenery is even better because there is so much wildlife in the spring, we somethings get to see birds. This sis the second reason why PKE is my favorite place in Clarkston.
Third, I love PKE because I get to play with the friends, I love. For example, I see my friends during class and during recess. We have made a ton of unforgettable moments. For instance, we laugh, we play a ton of games and we love each other. I have such a great community of friends, it is the best environment you can be in. For example, we play a lot of games. We also talk a lot, share secrets and hang out. It is the best group of friends I could think of. That is the third reason PKE is my favorite place in Clarkston.
In conclusion, I hope you have enjoyed learning about my experiences in PKE. I hope your school has a welcoming community, great scenery, and great friends. I hope you feel the same way about your school as I do about PKE. PKE is the heart of Clarkston to me, it has a great community, great friends and a great outdoors.

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