Cherry Hill Lanes North: Another reason why we choose to live in Clarkston

 As parents of two adult sons with special needs, like many other parents, we do our best to ensure that our sons have the opportunity to have access to and live their lives through life experiences that many of us may take for granted.
 Along with life essentials; safe and affordable housing, food, caregiver support, employment opportunity, transportation etc. Access to social activities is another essential (for all of us) for special needs adults, which is why we would like to recognize Cherry Hill Lanes North.
 For more than 10 years, on Wednesday’s coinciding with the school year, Cherry Hill Lanes North has dedicated a portion of their lanes between 4 and 6 p.m. to an “unofficial” league of 30+ special needs adults from addresses all over North Oakland County. Cherry Hill Lanes North doesn’t publicize or expect recognition for supporting this event, which likely has gone unnoticed by many who are reading this letter.
 The last day of bowling for this year was May 22, where the current owners of Cherry Hill Lanes North, Matt and Denny and their staff hosted a pizza party for all bowlers in attendance.
 We just wanted Matt and Denny to know that one of the reasons why we and our sons choose to live in the Clarkston area is due to community support like that from Cherry Hill Lanes North as well as from many other businesses and organizations in the Clarkston area helping to ensure that “all” residents have equal opportunity for inclusion.

Robert and Sue White
Independence Twp.

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