Letter to the Editor: Snow, leaves blocking driveway

Letter to the Editor: Snow, leaves blocking driveway

Dear Editor, My wife and I have lived on Tiohero Boulevard in the Thendara Park subdivision since 1979. The issue is this: There is a problem with road snow removal. When the snowplow comes and clears the road, the snow gets deposited in my driveway as high as three feet. This has been going on […]

Letter to the Editor: Residents want planner to stay

Dear Editor, We are writing to support Sam Moraco and keep him on the Independence Township Planning Commission. We purchased property, built a house, and moved here over 30 years ago because we wanted to avoid the “development at any cost” mentality of some on the surrounding communities. Sam has been one of the few […]

Letter to the Editor: Unresponsive township supervisor a major issue

Dear Editor, It’s been over a month since Gerald Fisher was appointed Independence Township supervisor by the township board and as 37-year residents and taxpayers of this township, we’re already very disappointed in his inability to communicate with the residents of this township. His total lack of response to our early and mid-November emails and […]

5 Minutes: A poem for Oxford

5 Minutes: A poem for Oxford

In 5 minutes, our village lay shattered Gripped in misery, broken, and strained. A high school reeling from the damage it sustained. For 5 minutes, the despair was consuming. Prayers took over, faith and hope remained. Knowing the lives of children will forever be changed. In 5 minutes, all their smiles were lost. Family’s hearts […]

Letter to the Editor: Congressional district puppets

Dear Editor, The primary job of a U.S. representative is to represent his/her constituents – ALL her constituents. Rep. Elissa Slotkin seems to have forgotten that basic duty. She claims to be “bipartisan,” but let’s look at the facts. 1. Since her time in the House of Representatives, Rep. Slotkin has voted with Speaker Nancy […]

Letter to the Editor: Enabling the local community

Dear Editor, I do more than hope for a better future. I plan to organize a community extracurricular course ranging from philosophy to car maintenance, gardening, to civic engagement. Our neighbors enjoy a wealth of wisdom and understanding that can help the next generation become self-sufficient and more a part of the community than merely […]

Letter to the Editor: Push back, now get pushed out?

Dear Editor, I had my first meeting with the new Independence Township Supervisor Gerald Fisher last week. After going to the meetings and fighting to get someone from the outside to fill the vacant supervisor position created by Pat Kittle’s resignation, I made the appointment to discuss what I knew about what had been happening […]

Letter to the Editor: DEI has a place in our schools

Dear Editor, Steve Sioma’s letter to the editor (“How should students learn DEI?” Clarkston News, November 17, 2021), questioning the implementation of DEI in schools and denigrating the importance of diversity in our society, is a perfect illustration of the importance of promoting DEI in our schools and society generally. The letter inherently contradicts and […]

Letter to the Editor: How should students learn DEI?

Dear Editor, On reading the latest expression of Critical Race Theory in the form of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (or henceforth “DEI”), I was surprised to find the claim that DEI represents core American values. I found this strange considering “equity” alone seems to have replaced “equality,” at least within the last few years. A […]

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