Letter to the Editor: Grateful for the birthday wishes

Dear Editor, I would like to express my profound gratitude for all the birthday greetings for my 90th birthday that I received. I was overwhelmed by the response from the community to an announcement in the paper and on Facebook from so many people who made the time and effort to express “Happy Birthday” to […]

Letter to the Editor: Remembering a Clarkston gem

Dear Editor, Last week, you reported the death of a dear friend – Mel Vaara – with a wonderful article and letter. I was unable to attend the funeral but sure miss him. He leaves a significant legacy to this community. I want to acknowledge another gift by him to the community – a new […]

Opinion: Reader says U.S. being run by preoccupied politicians, generals

Dear Editor, Recently, President Biden defensively bristled at reporter questions about his handling of Afghanistan, saying that there will be plenty of time later for finger-pointing and blame. It was a shameful display. Americans are not interested in finger-pointing and blame, but they have a right to demand straight answers and accountability from government officials […]

Letter to the Editor: Rush for Food brings community together

Dear Clarkston Community, This year’s annual Rush for Food was held on Saturday, August 21. Every year at this time, our Clarkston football players and cheerleaders enjoy the opportunity to give back to the community that faithfully supports them. Varsity, JV, and cheer athletes canvassed over 30 neighborhoods while the freshman team worked all afternoon […]

Letter to the Editor: Endorsing trio for city council seats

Dear Editor, I appreciated you quoting Jason Kneisc, resigning Clarkston City Council member, when he thanked, “…the residents for the privilege of serving them…” in the September 1 edition of The Clarkston News. Jason, who served six years on city council, nailed the purpose of a city council person with that summary thought: Serving the […]

Letter to the Editor: Looking for interest in local recycling

Dear Editor, Is there any public interest in having improved recycling to extend the life of our few remaining landfills? Are local communities interested in combining their purchasing power to possibly reduce waste management fees? A total of 12 municipalities in South Oakland County have joined forces since the early 1950s to operate SOCRRA, a […]

Letter to the Editor: Why we need to recycle more

Dear Editor, Why is there no municipal interest in recycling in North Oakland County? SOCRRA operates in 12 municipalities in South Oakland County. Why not something similar in North Oakland County? Landfills have limited capacity and I doubt many people want new landfills anywhere near their homes. Township officials and our Oakland County commissioner are […]

Letter to the Editor: Taking charge of kids’ masks

Dear Editor, Parents of masked children need to ensure if this masking is executed that their children’s health is taken care of properly. Go ahead and play the game, but parents need to make the rules. Do not send your children to school with a mask. Make the school provide them. Demand a clean mask […]

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