Keep politics out of parades

We recently moved back to Clarkston from Birmingham. We had a home here in the 90s, early 2000s, our daughters are both Clarkston grads. Our experience was so wonderful we moved back last year. The parades were part of that hometown vibe; floats, cheer team, cars, clowns, dogs, Curt on his mini bike, etc. It […]

Springfield Twp. ZBA, planning commission chair disagrees with supervisor candidate

I recently received a campaign flier from Ric Davis, candidate for Springfield Township Supervisor. Among other things, Mr. Davis’s flier claims he will “restore responsibility to our zoning and planning committees and not micromanage them.” As Chairperson of both the Township Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals I find Mr. Davis’s comment uninformed and […]

Former Springfield Twp. trustee endorses candidates

Throughout decades living in Springfield Township — and involvement in both citizen groups and elective offices — I’ve had a front seat observing characteristics that define our most effective leaders.That’s why I support, for Springfield Township Trustee, re-electing Dave Hopper, Denny Vallad and Bill Whitley, and also electing Chris Moore.Good governing isn’t glitzy. It’s about […]

Re-elect Terri Nallamothu

I am writing this letter as a small business owner to express my strong support for Terri Nallamothu as Township Trustee. I have had the pleasure of knowing Terri for nearly 8 years and have witnessed firsthand her dedication, integrity, and passion for serving our community.Terri Nallamothu has consistently demonstrated her commitment to improving our […]

Re-elect Laura Moreau

Springfield Township residents have an important decision to make on Aug. 6. As 30-year residents of the township, we strongly endorse the re-election of Laura Moreau for Supervisor.Laura has led improvements in police and fire safety, Dixie corridor design standards, natural resource preservation, community events and more – all while protecting the beauty of the […]

Re-elect Cari Neubeck

Cari Neubeck is running for re-election as our Independence Township Clerk. As a resident and former Independence Township Clerk, I am endorsing her candidacy.Cari has more than 30 years of municipal/township clerk experience. She achieved the highest level of certification from the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks and recently has been nominated Michigan Township Clerk […]

Terri Nallamothu: The Right Choice for Trustee!

Who to choose for township trustee? Terri Nallamothu. Here’s why:Character matters in a township trustee! Being ethical, truthful and transparent are a few of the respected traits that come to mind. Terri possesses all of these.Presence matters in a township trustee! Involvement in and giving of one’s time for the public good is important. Terri […]

Disappointed in current supervisor

I am disappointed in our present township supervisor Jose Aliaga.I have written two letters to Mr. Aliaga citing various concerns. Both letters were ignored.A candidate running with Mr. Aliaga stopped by asking for our vote and I told her about the letters and that they were ignored. She said she would speak to Mr. Aliaga. […]

Retired township supervisor talks upcoming primary

After serving 10 years as your Independence Township Supervisor, I’m getting bombed with questions on who would best serve our community. Thought this might help.Supervisor – Chuck Phyle. Successful businessman, 45 year resident with a very clear vision for our community. Primary Goal: Keep small town – Norman Rockwell feel to Independence.Treasurer – Paul Brown. […]

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