Letter to the Editor: DEI is needed in our schools

Dear Editor, As a college student, one of my favorite parts of coming home to Clarkston is reading the Clarkston News. However, when I came home last week, I was astonished to read that a school board candidate proudly said, “We can mostly agree there is no place for…DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) in our schools” […]

Letter to the Editor: Pinwheels month a success

Dear Editor, What do April’s blue pinwheel gardens and pinwheel bookmarks have in common? They remind us everyone has a role to help children and youth to feel safe, hopeful, and welcomed throughout the community. They remind us everyone can help children and youth flourish. This April, 1,714 pinwheels were planted in 64 community gardens, […]

Letter to the Editor: Thank you from CAYA

Letter to the Editor: Thank you from CAYA

Dear Editor, Clarkston Area Youth Assistance (CAYA) held its 2022 Youth Recognition Ceremony and Dessert Reception on April 20 at Clarkston Junior High School to recognize and celebrate 64 Clarkston-area children and youth, Kindergarten through Grade 12, for working on their own well-being/personal growth and for their concern for the well-being of others. In attendance […]

Letter to the Editor: Looking for more eager scouts

Letter to the Editor: Looking for more eager scouts

Dear Editor, I would like to tell you about youth scouting activities in our community. Troop 185G is a troop of 23 girls, sponsored by the Oakland County Sportsman’s Club and Our Lady of the Lakes church. We are doing the same program the Boy Scouts have done for the past 100 years. Our troop […]

Letter to the Editor: Easter can bring renewed hope

Dear Editor, (This is in response to Don Rush’s column, “Easter Sunday is around the corner, thank God.”) Don, thank you for inviting comments to your “contemplative mood” in the April 13 issue of The Clarkston News. Your words struck a familiar chord in me. I was pleasantly surprised to see your editorial begin by […]

Letter to the Editor: U.S. needs stronger leadership

Dear Editor, I wonder how many other very proud Americans are watching the events in Ukraine, under the courageous and wise leadership of Ukrainian President Zelensky, with shame and embarrassment that America, with a population of almost 350 million, is able only to generate top leadership of the likes of the pandering, feckless Biden, and […]

Letter to the Editor: Still looking for that sunshine

(This is in response to the column entitled “Let the sun shine on open, transparent government,” Lake Orion Review, March 16, 2022, Page 7) Dear Editor, I missed this last week, Sunshine Week, and want to add that a resident of the City of the Village of Clarkston spent five years battling the city for […]

Letter to the Editor: Thank you to our local paper

Dear Editor, Thank you, Clarkston News, for the very humbling article about our 60th wedding anniversary and living in Clarkston. (“Celebrating 60 with faith, family,” March 16, 2022) We have enjoyed our life in Clarkston so much, raising our four beautiful daughters here and still having them and their families all close by in the […]

Letter to the Editor: Looking for the sun in Clarkston

Dear Editor, I almost missed it this year but last week was Sunshine Week, where those who work for open and transparent government are celebrated, or at least considered. In the City of the Village of Clarkston, there continues to be a city website with old information, or no information at all. Charter provisions for […]

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