Questions about Airbnb proposals

Dear Editor, The article “City takes aim at Airbnbs,” Dec. 4, left me with a few questions. The lack of an ordinance allowing “x” means “x” is not allowed? Did I read that correctly? Hypothetically, if no ordinance exists allowing non-owner vehicles to park in driveways overnight, then my guests can’t park in my driveway […]

Reader sees Trump letter as propaganda

Dear Editor, Michael Powell’s letter to the editor (“An answer to impeachment call,” Nov. 27), a lightly edited Fox News summary, urges us to ignore the reputable media; voices of state department officials; impeachment hearings testimony; incriminating documents, video footage and recordings; and Trump’s daily lies. It’s a far-right strongman manifesto that turns truth on […]

An answer to impeachment call

Dear Editor, Contrary to a recent letter to the editor (“A call for action on impeachment,” Nov. 20), a majority of Americans now oppose the impeachment proceedings. They’ve seen “the political gamesmanship” by the Democratic Party start with calls for his impeachment long before he was sworn into office. The refusal to accept the results […]

Reader offers status quo challenge

Dear Editor, Last week in this space, the Clarkston News editor again proved the age-old adage that newsprint cares not that which is printed upon it (“A call for action on impeachment,” Nov. 20). Many ungracious comments were written about the 45th president of our country, a man elected by 63 million Americans. Throughout the […]

Optimist Club feeling thankful

Dear Editor, As president of the Clarkston Optimist Club, I want to thank the Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce for honoring the Optimist Club as Non-Profit Organization of the year. As we head into our 34th year supporting the Clarkston/Independence Township community, it is a privilege to receive this honor from one of the outstanding […]

A call for action on impeachment

Dear Editor, There are lots of local activities that are newsworthy and important, but the impeachment proceedings should be of paramount interest to all Americans in every walk of life, even those patriots weary of the political gamesmanship we’ve witnessed in recent history. But the future of the once greatest nation on earth is at […]

Food donations from generous shoppers

Dear Editor, Most of us go through our lives and take so many daily blessings for granted. Nov. 1 and 2, I was privileged to able to work with the Divine Mercy Knights of Columbus and Nemian’s Family Market to host a food drive to restock the shelves of our local food pantry, Neighbor For […]

Seniors party safely all-night at high school

Dear Editor, The senior all-night party at Clarkston High School was one of the highlights of my senior year. It should also be a highlight of your child’s senior year. The all-night party gave the senior class somewhere safe to go after graduation. Compared to schools like Lake Orion and Oxford, who’s tickets cost around […]

Thanks for military, first responders, hunters

Dear Editor, As the season of giving thanks approaches, I would like to mention some of the people and things that make me thankful. I have been truly blessed by my God, my wife, my family and my great friends. I thank the founders of this great nation, all the military persons and citizens who […]

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