Violent games don’t cause violence, reader says

Dear Editor, Some people are blaming violent behavior on mental illness and/or video games. These statements are totally false, scientifically and logically. I am a retired counselor who has been monitoring the issue of the relationship between video games and violence for over 50 years, and the results of scientific data has changed very little. […]

Reader finds taxes fast, road work too slow

Dear Editor, The Independence township “road improvement” millage was presented to voters by township officials as the “solution” to fixing the township/county road problems that we were told were in desperate need of repair. If passed, we were told, the township and the RCOC would have the money to move forward to get prioritized township/county […]

Sign suggestions from Main Street resident

Dear Editor, Last week’s article “City considers classic sign style” got me thinking. Obviously, Clarkston’s sign committee has too much time on their hands and wasting taxpayers’ money on their minds. Before this boondoggle goes any further, they should consider some signs that would improve life for the village residents. How about these for a […]

Township’s future look at stake at meeting

Dear Editor, Independence Township has a long history of carefully maintaining the historical aesthetic value of the community, its parks, residences, and historic value, while welcoming and encouraging a thriving commercial sector. Both Independence Township and the City of the Village of Clarkston operate under master plans, part of which provides specific tenants and guidelines […]

Support appreciated for Garden Walk

Dear Editor, The Clarkston Farm and Garden Club would like to thank the Clarkston community for your attendance at the 14th Annual Clarkston Garden Walk. Over 350 residents from the Clarkston and the surrounding communities were able to attend the walk. We wish to thank our fabulous gardeners: Ginny and Leo Knowlden, Sue and Bob […]

Appreciative Lions thank community for support

Dear Editor, The Clarkston Area Lions Club is very pleased to thank the Clarkston community for its support of our food booth at the Concert in the Park event on Friday, June 28. This was a fundraising event for us and was assisted by local sponsors including Vibe Credit Union, Neiman’s Family Market, Culligan Water […]

Loving ‘The Millstream’ newspaper features

Dear Editor, The articles on the Millstream pages are always illuminating and enjoyable—the piece on the Mill Pond bed and breakfast and its cordial innkeepers was especially so (“Innkeepers reflect on B&B ‘way of life,’” July 5). I learned much from Phil Custodio’s insightful article that also reaffirmed the special charm of Clarkston. The gracious […]

Thanks to contractors, suppliers

Dear Editor, Clarkston’s city hall expansion is under way with help coming from all over the county. Even people outside the city love this town and sure know how to show it. Local companies and suppliers are stepping up to help the village achieve its goals to expand services to residents and keep project in […]

A call to fix East Church Street

Dear Editor, I am writing you out of concern for East Church Street, a six-house stretch from the city line to Roselawn, in front of Renaissance High School. The potholes are so bad, to avoid damage to their vehicles, drivers using our street to access Roselawn and East Washington Street are driving on the sidewalk. […]

Ignorance is bliss when dealing with government

Dear Editor, If I were a Democrat, I would be sooooo very proud. Proud illegal immigrant children on the border have to live in such poor conditions. Proud of all the people of the world, along with their health issues and diseases, coming into our country. Think TB, HIV, measles, and Ebola. Proud I have […]

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