Maker Girl Mania gets students interested in STEM

By Wendi Reardon Price
Staff Writer
—From making tie-dye T-shirts to driving a robot, nearly 300 girls experienced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is everywhere at the annual Maker Girl Mania at Clarkston High School, April 13.
There were a total of 27 stations with 23 different projects to do which included the favorite – The Great Maker Race. The activity from Maker Works allowed the girls to not only race a car on a hilly track but create it from cutting it out of it’s original block form to adding wheels and decorating the car.
Participants also made buttons with Clarkston Independence District Library, built a turtle nesting box with Blue Heron Conservancy, learning and doing upholstery with LullCo, decorating a tea light lantern with Oakland Community Schools, and learning about robots with Team RUSH 27, Beastie Bots and the Technados.
Maker Girl Mania began in 2015.Organizers Laura Kalinowski and Laura Banaszak shared what they have enjoyed seeing the last few years is girls who used to attend and are now some of the 150 volunteers.
Kalinowski and Banaszak added they are thankful to the community and the volunteers who are teachers, students, alumni and community members.
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Olivia and Charlotte Brady are happily in their STEM era at the annual Maker Girl Mania event at Clarkston High School. Photo: Wendi Reardon Price

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