Over the net, onto regionals

With a win over three teams at Districts, the girls Varsity Volleyball team won Class A District Final. They will continue on to MHSAA Regionals.
Last Thursday, the team played the first round against Waterford Mott. They won the game with 3-0.
The first match began with Mott trailing a few points behind the Lady Wolves. Once Clarkston reached 20 points, the difference widened for Mott. Clarkston reached point 22 with a joint block from Johanna Kupe and Jilian Locricchio. Kupe won the match for the Clarkston when she got the 25th point on a return hit, sending the ball over the net and out of Mott’s reach.
Clarkston won the first match 25-13.
At the beginning of the second match, Mott put up more of a fight by staying within a few points of Clarkston. Once again the gap widened once Clarkston quickly got to 18 points. With too many hits to the ball by Mott, Clarkston received the last point they needed. They won the second match 25-14.
For the last match, Mott was slow to keep pace with Clarkston. Once Mott got points on the board, it was too late. Clarkston was already too far ahead in points. The Lady Wolves won this match 25-14.
‘I gave the girls a bunch of goals tonight,? said Coach Kelly Avenall, ‘something I wanted them to work on going into tomorrow.?
The goals she gave them were to make three blocks in the first game. In the second game, they had to have so many aces. With the third game, try things differently along the net and different things offensively.
‘They did what they were suppose to do tonight,? said Coach Avenall.
For their game against Mott, Jenna Coates had 25 digs, Emily Parkin had 21 assists, and Johanna Kupe had 14 kills.
Their next round of the district tournament was Friday. They played against Lapeer East and won 3-0. The scores for the matches were 25-18, 25-15, and 25-13.
In the matches against Lapeer East, Jenna Coates had 24 digs, Croll had 11 kills, and Parkin had 25 assists.
The final round of the tournament was against Oxford. The Lady Wolves won with a score 4-1. The scores for the four matches were 25-16, 25-23, 21-25, and 27-25.
They will compete against Troy in the first round for Regionals. Clarkston has played Troy three times this season, and beat them each time.
‘They are a better team than they were at the beginning of the year,? said Coach Avenall. ‘It will be competitive.?
The Lady Wolves will play this Saturday, Nov. 10 at Birmingham Marian High School. The game against Troy begins at 10 a.m.