Congrats to Renaissance grads

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RHS student speaker Roland Hill congratulates his fellow graduates. Photo by Jessica Steeley
RHS student speaker Roland Hill congratulates his fellow graduates. Photo by Jessica Steeley

The atmosphere as Renaissance High School seniors collected their diplomas can be best described by the last line of student speaker Mason McIntyre’s speech: “We did it!”
“These graduates have worked hard, they have overcome adversity that most of us have never had to endure,” Renaissance Program Director Christa Fons said at last week’s graduation ceremony. “I know that they have had many supporters that have helped them to be able to accomplish this. They have had help and guidance from people that love and support them and only want the very best.”
Math Teacher Sara Mastie, the staff speaker, told students to try to live as 7/7th people, rather than 2/7th people who are on autopilot during the week and only truly live during the weekend.
“While tomorrow brings a new journey, today marks the end of a chapter in your lives and my hope is that when you meet each other later down the road of life you will have amazing stories to share with one another,” Mastie said. “My hope is that you become fearless, my hope is that you live with no regrets, and my hope is that the members of Renaissance High School class of 2017 become 7/7th people.”
Student speakers McIntyre, Alex Kotsonas, and Roland Hill took time to thank the teachers, community members, families and fellow classmates who supported their academic journeys. Cam McIntyre, the last “speaker,” performed Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” on guitar for the audience.
Board of Education President Steve Hyer congratulated the Renaissance Class of 2017, saying each graduate is unique and has overcome obstacles to arrive at this milestone in their lives.
“In our society today, there seems to be a contingent of the population that believes things are broken, I don’t see things as broken,” Hyer said. “You are in full and complete control of where you’re headed, so feel free to dream, feel free to set big goals, do what you’ve always wanted to do and chart a course to get there, don’t let anyone dissuade you from personal greatness by telling you that things are broken.”
“I hope you’ll always remember you’re part of something special, a part of a community that truly cares, people who come and contribute and care about you and that I’m always here to serve you, no matter where you go,” said Superintendent Dr. Rod Rock.

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