3…2…1…Lift off!

Braden Langeloh watched the rocket get fired into the air and began counting the seconds until it came back down.
‘Ten seconds,? he estimated.
The rocket came back down to the ground 18 seconds after lift-off, Langeloh was only eight seconds off.
He joined 16 other campers from grades first through fifth at last week’s Rocket Camp.
‘Combustible Kyle? Parkinson and Lindsey Wright taught the boys how to make rockets and learned about rocket safety.
The campers decorated 2-liter bottle for a Bottle Rocket launch on Friday.
The bottles were filled with water and air is pumped into the bottle. Then, someone pulls on the string to launch the rocket, spraying water in its path as it lifts into the sky.
Some rockets the boys made and took home, but others were launched by Parkinson and Wright for the campers? safety.
Nine rockets were launched outside and none were lost.
The boys were divided into three teams for the week and earned points.
The Big Explosions came in first place with 78,800 points earned during the week. Bomb Boys earned second place with 78,000 points, and in last place was the Rocket Scientists with 71,600 points.
Each boy won a special prize to take home.
The boys also learned about the four forces of flight (gravity, lift, thrust and drag), and about space.
They learned about facts like how old the universe is, how far away from the sun Earth is, and how old ‘Combustible Kyle? would be on Pluto (not even one!)