A reminder of why we need a free press


By Don Rush
By Don Rush

Stupid weather.
Stupid weather.
Okay, I feel better now having gotten that out in the open. Since the stupid weather in April has changed back to a cold, winter, windy, snowy mix (after a warmer than normal winter), this past weekend I was “forced” to work inside my home, instead of being outside and working in the yard like I wanted to. I actually willed myself off my duff to clean out my “office.” This black hole is also known as the Pit of No Return for:
paper work, paid bills, old columns, diplomas, and certificates of writing awards
empty boxes
old computer components
old land-line telephone parts
old, read books,

Ugggg! Too much stuff!
Ugggg! Too much stuff!

old TVs, VCRs, DVD players, 8-track tape players, CB radio, sewing machines, baseball cards, knickknacks, photos and lots of dust — it is amazing how much stuff a little room can hold and how many rooms can get cluttered when you take out all of the said stuff from said wee-little room (stupid weather).
As always when I start just such a task, I usually get sidetracked. “Oh gee, that’s where that went.” “Oh, look here, I thought I lost that.” Etc, etc. On one such sidetrack from cleaning, I found what I am about to share with you.

Not sure when I first photocopied it; nor do I know where I got it originally. I do know it was written by Dr. Fred Newton Scott, “creator of the fist continuous course in Journalism in the United States at the University of Michigan in 1890.”
It is kinda old and headlined,

Scott, Fred Newton
Dr. Fred Newton Scott

The Newspaper In A Free Society

— Reminder of What a Free Press Means to Us.

Mirror of The Public Mind — interpreter of public intent — troubler of the public conscience.

Reflector of Every Human Interest — friend of every righteous cause — encourager of every generous act

Bearer of Intelligence — dispeller of ignorance and prejudice — a light shining in all dark places

Promoter of Civic Welfare and Civic Pride — bond of civic unity — protector of civic rights

Scourge of Evil Doers — exposer of secret iniquities –unrelenting foe of privilege and corruption

Voice of the Lowly and Oppressed — advocate of the friendless — righter of public and private wrongs

Chronicler of Facts — sifter of rumors and opinions — minister of the truth that makes men free

Reporter of the New — rememberancer of the old and tried — herald of what is to come

Defender of Civil Liberty — strengthener of loyalty — pillar and stay of democratic government

Upbuilder of The Home — nourisher of the community spirit — arts, letters and science of the common people
* * *
Wow, those are some lofty ideals to live up to! Loyal followers to the Cult of Don’t Rush Me know I oft step up on a community newspaper soap box and me thinks this “reminder” is one reason why. Holy Crap! I actually believe that stuff, those words, and those whacky ideals. So, if you see me climbing back onto that soap box, you now know where I’m coming from. (And, you can thank the stupid weather for letting me rediscover this gem.)
* * *
A closing thought from Oxford Township resident Willie Hyder. I am not sure if this is an original, organic thought out of Willie’s own noggin, or just one he borrowed, but it is something to think about.
“Red meat is not bad for you. Fuzzy Green meat is bad for you.”
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