Addams Family visits Clarkston High

By Wendi Reardon Price
Staff Writer
The Clarkston High School Drama Club is making the last preparations as they get ready to present “The Addams Family High School Edition” at the CHS Performing Arts Center, Feb. 15-18.
“‘The Addams Family’ follows the Addams family,” said senior Aubrey Drouin. “Wednesday falls in love with a boy named Lucas. All of the ancestors are trying to get them together so they can go home.”
“His family is a normal family from Ohio,” said senior Megan Wilson, about Wednesday’s love interest. “They are not used to the normal happy side of life. They are used to the more dark and gloomy side of life. This is about the two families meeting and incorporating those other aspects into each other’s lives.”
“And Gomez is keeping secrets from Morticia which never happens,” added senior Juliana Lehman.
Drouin steps into the role of Alice Beineke, Lucas’ mom. Lehman and Wilson are ancestors and swings.
“I definitely have to be more peppy than I usually am,” Drouin said about getting into the role of Alice. “I am more on my toes and smiley. I have to see the positive on things. In Act II it is an immediate flip. The change between Act I and Act II is just finding the right motivation to get to Act II Alice.”
She added it’s cool to see how everyone portrays their characters.
“I think because we are all young and teenagers we can put our own spin on it. It’s quick, upbeat, your attention is going from one story line to the next. It’s really fascinating to watch. You won’t get bored when you are watching it.”
Lehman and Wilson shared the ancestors aren’t typical characters.
“It’s very interesting to play these characters,” said Wilson. “It’s very fun to adapt our character and become our character. All the actors are doing good at all of their parts and just working really hard to nail each character. Putting it together is a lot of fun. It’s a unique experience for all of us because we haven’t put on a show like this before. It’s a fun show and a comedy. “
The trio shared the backstage crew has really helped bring the story to life on the stage.
“There is a lot of work backstage,” added Wilson. “Our crew is doing a lot right now to create a beautiful set for us.”
“The sets, costumes and props are amazing,” said Drouin. “The choreography is beautiful. We put a lot of hard work into it. Everyone here is really dedicated to the drama club and their parts. We want it to be the best show we can. It is also Michael Peterson’s, our music director, last year here at Clarkston before retiring so we want to make sure his final year with the drama club is the best.”
It is also the last musical at CHS for the seniors including Drouin, Lehman and Wilson.
“I am really glad we did it because it’s different we got to learn different technique,” said Lehman about doing the “The Addams Family” as her last musical. “It gives us more experience if any of us are going to go out into the real world and do this professionally.”
“I have always stayed involved no matter what it was,” said Drouin, who shared she joined the drama club in her freshman year which was a COVID year and there was a small production. “I am just honored for my last year I can have one of the leads and I can share all the knowledge I have gained through the drama club.”
The Addams Family School Edition is Feb. 15, Feb. 16 and Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. Following the Saturday performance there is an alumni reception to celebrate Michael Peterson, who retires at the end of this school year. The final show is Feb. 18 at 2 p.m.
“It’s such a fun show,” said Wilson. ”It’s also really funny. It’s really for everyone. Everyone who knows the classic Addams Family with love it, and also everyone who is more interested on the modern take on it will be surprised on what it is about. Everyone will be very entertained because there is always something going on. Everyone is putting so much work. It will be great for the community to come see what we have been working on for so long.”
“Everyone is really dedicated and we are all trying to make this show the best to our ability,” said Lehman. “We have amazing directors and choreographers. It’s very energetic.”
Tickets are $15 for adults and $13 for students and seniors. It is reserved seating and presales are encouraged.
Tickets are available online at or calling the box office at 248-623-4024.
This production of the Addams Family is made possible by the generous contributions provided by The Clarkston Foundation and CHS PTO.

From left, Lina Borgula, Annabelle St. Aubin, Luke Agar, Keith Garrison, Noah McLean, Hannah Budzynski, and Charley Bousho step into their roles as the Addams Family. Photo: Wendi Reardon Price

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