Bats in your belfry?

Ahh. The nights are getting cooler. The greenery of majestic trees is getting a splattering of brilliant reds, oranges and yellows. Heck, our school’s gridiron heroes are tearing up the field. It’s almost fall. And, you know what that means. Yep, as the days grow shorter and colder, it is time man starts thinking about […]

Some thoughts while laboring on Labor Day

Okay, all you wussies — how many of you actually lounged on Labor Day? I know lounging wasn’t in my plans. So, now the 3-day weekend is over. It’s 6 a.m., I am in the office. I am tired. But, while I was still fresh and laboring this past Labor Day, I thought about an […]

Some e-mail etiquette, p-l-e-a-s-e!

For the most part I have little sympathy for chronic complainers. I guess, if you get right down to it, I have little sympathy for complainers, period. Whine, whine, whine. Moan, moan, moan. Complain, complain, complain, blah, blah, blah. I guess I am not that nice of a guy — definitely not sympathetic. But, if […]

Scams, Orion Skyways and more good stuff

I love readers! They are so helpful. Just when I hit a bump in the creative process, or there are too many unexpected turns in the road of work, readers call or mail something that can be used. So, without further eloquence . . . Linda S., from W. Oakwood Road, called me the other […]

Don’t expect to get my cell phone number

I have had a cell phone now for a couple years, but don’t expect me to give you the phone number. Even if I like you. Also, don’t look for the number on the bottom of my business card. My cell phone isn’t really for talking. It is for dear wife Jennie to be able […]

Ain’t he great?

A while back we ‘inherited? my Grandma Rush’s pet cockatiel. For those not in the know, a cockatiel is a bird. And, for those wondering, Grandma Rush, 92, is still alive and kicking and playing bingo and watching movies and getting her hair and nails done and — well, she’s doing quite well, thank you. […]

Don — You’re a jerk!

Some folks just have a way with words. As proof of my contention, I give you the People’s Evidence, Exhibit 1-A. It’s an e-mail from a reader, who really didn’t like when I opined on ‘The Women of The Chamber.? The writer, a ‘she,? was in disagreement with just about everything I wrote regarding local […]

Today is “the” day

Today is the day, but first a bit of advice for the day: You know it is time to clean the bed of your pickup truck when you start growing tress (in the bed of your pickup truck). Don’t ask how I came by this nugget of wisdom . . . and yes, I did […]

Welcome to the good ol? girls? club

Excuse me for a moment while I find my ‘thick-skinned? suit which comes complete with knuckle dragging sleeves and gloves. Z-i-i-p-p! There, it’s on. And since I am at it, I might as well don my protruding eye-browed Neanderthal headgear. Ah, fits perfectly. Now that I am sufficiently protected from the slings and arrows that […]

You can get live bait, 24/7

I know I have lived a sheltered life. I grew up in the area, after college I got a job in the area and now my family lives in the area. I haven’t been on foreign shores (unless, of course, you count Canada as foreign). I know I work in the media and see a […]

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