How can you not love those oddball catalogs that show up in the mail every so often. Harriet Carter, since 1958, has been selling those interesting gifts that you don’t find anywhere else. Here’s some samples: Holiday Dress-Up Dog — This 11 inch high poly/resin dog has a hat for all seasons. He can wear […]

School peanut ban upsets some parents

You won’t see lunchboxes at Blanche Sims Elementary School filled with peanut butter sandwiches, M & Ms and Ritz Bits with Cheese. It has become a peanut-free zone. School officials have asked parents not to let their children bring any food items that contain peanut products into the school. A first-grader was recently diagnosed as […]


I can’t imagine what my childhood would have been like if I couldn’t have taken a peanut butter sandwich to school every day. The sandwich, combined with a banana, gave me a lunch that was far superior to any unknown food floating around in liquid in the hot lunch line. Currently, three elementary schools in […]

DPW director protests limiting his side jobs

For over 35 years, Lake Orion’s DPW Director John Ranville has been performing side jobs in the village. Now village council members are telling him to curtail some of his construction work. LO Village Manager JoAnn Van Tassel told the council on Nov. 24, it’s a conflict of interest for Ranville to personally contract to […]

AD suggests younger students pay for LOHS sport event

In these days of declining revenues for school districts, LO School District Athletic Director Bill Reiss thinks he has found a way to earn some extra money. He told school board members in November he would like to start charging elementary students a $2 admission fee to high school sporting events. “Through the winter this […]


Should have worn a hat. At least that’s what Wes Fuelling told me at Saturday’s Tree Lighting Ceremony. By the time people started arriving at Children’s Park, the wind was blowing hard (dropping the chill factor) and clouds reappeared after a brief flirting of sunshine earlier in the afternoon. Because of the park’s gazebo and […]

Driver pleads guilty in Lake Orion boat crash

Joseph Lloyd LeMaster, 31 will be sentenced on Jan. 6 for crashing a boat and seriously injuring a passenger on Lake Orion. The Orion Township man pled guilty to three charges in the incident that happened last July. He made an appearance before Judge Steven Andrews in Oakland County Circuit Court on Dec. 4. After […]


Several years ago, student Alex Smith was suspended for 10 days for writing a parody about the tardy policy at Mount Pleasant High School and about the teachers and administrators charged with enforcing it. According to Henry Silverman, a professor at Michigan State University, this is an erosion of student rights and the miseducation of […]

New job brings officer Stanfield closer to home

A big city boy has turned into a small town cop and he’s loving every minute of it. Todd Stanfield is the newest full-time officer in the Lake Orion Police Department. He’s been on the job since the end of September. Stanfield grew up on the east side of Detroit. His parents moved out to […]

Junk car stirs up Park Island

On the surface, it appeared Park Island homeowners came to the village council Dec. 8 meeting to present a petition asking for a ban on street parking from 3-6 a.m. Members of 18 households out of 30 on the island signed the petition. The request was made, according to the petition, to facilitate snow plowing […]

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