Back for another year of Blue-and-Gold gridiron action

Fans gathered in the stands knew it was still August. But with dozens of helmeted figures on the field below, they also knew another football season is just around the corner.
Clarkston’s varsity football had been practicing for a week before hitting the field for their annual inter-squad Blue and Gold game, Aug. 16, their first gridiron action before the season begins in just under two weeks.
Before the game, Wolves? head coach Kurt Richardson had already decided on the starting quarterback for the season.
‘Tyler Scarlett, hands down,? said Richardson. ‘I thought Luke Prudhomme threw the ball well today as a back-up.?
Gold took control of the scoreboard within the first minute of play.
Chris Canada caught the throw from quarterback Scarlett and ran for a 73-yard touchdown.
The gold team struck again five minutes later when Derek Booker scored a touchdown.
The boys went for the two point conversion. A pass to Canada completed the play and Gold led, 14-0.
PJ Lannon retaliated for the blue team and made a 45-yard run before being stopped at the 36-yard line. Blue was at their first down.
Blue inched their way to the end zone, gaining more yards in their next plays.
Luke Prudhomme caught the 23 yard pass and scored the first touchdown for Blue. He scored two more points on the conversion, bringing the score, 14-8.
Gold scored their next touchdown in the third quarter. The ball was on the 30 yard line in Gold’s end zone and the Gold team was at their first down.
Scarlett sent the ball to Kyle Rivenburgh. He caught the pass and made a 74 yard run for the touchdown, 20-6.
Both teams put the pressure on each other for the remainder of the game and no more points were scored.
‘We got a little more banged up than I would like to this time of year. It was alright. I don’t think there were too many blown assignments, a couple, but what do you got expect after a week,? said Richardson.
‘For the most part they got to the right spot. We just have to be more aggressive, more intensity.?
The boys will have time to work on being aggressive before they face Rochester Adams in the home opener on Aug. 29.