Brand yourself as someone who does it right the first time

Have you ever had your closet collapse? Have you ever had your closet collapse two times in three weeks?I’ve written before about my love of shopping and fashion. The dark underbelly of those passions is that I have a lot of clothes. I’m not a hoarder, but as I invest in nicer, more timeless pieces, […]

How to win the Stanley Cup(or your version of the Stanley Cup)

Before reading this column, I’d like to offer a fair warning to hockey players, hockey coaches and sports fans in general, that I know nothing about hockey or sports in general. Despite being a Michigan native, to say I’m even a hockey fan would be a stretch.What I am a fan of, however, is the […]

Adventure Begins at Your Library

It is no secret that I love reading, and that love started very young. When I was a little girl, my mom and I read a book every night, eventually moving to chapter books where we alternated reading chapters. My dad always had a book in his hand or his back pocket. Reading was very […]

Building Brands: Grads from 1974 to 2024 can use these steps to build a strong personal brand

For the last couple of weeks the pages of our newspapers across the state have been filled with photos of 2024 graduates from area high schools as they’ve enjoyed honors nights, lock-ins, commencement ceremonies and a number of other end-of-school traditions.In one community, our reporters shared about a local “adulting-day,” hosted at the school that […]

Building Brands: Build your brand for growth

Hopefully you’ve all read the great news that View Newspaper Group is growing again! The announcement was made earlier this week by Owner and President Rick Burrough that our group will acquire J-Ad newspapers, which includes the weekly publications Hastings Banner, Hastings Reminder, Lowell Ledger, Lowell Buyers Guide, Battle Creek Shopper News, Marshall Advisor & […]

Shelby Says: Lyrical musings

Like many people, I have been spending the last week listening to the new Taylor Swift album.Now, let me say, I’ve never been a hard-core fan of Taylor Swift. I’m a huge fan of words (surprising absolutely no one), music and art. But being that I was 11 when her first album came out, her […]

Shelby Says: The social aspect of anti-social activities

It’s no surprise that I’ve always been an avid reader. Even as a child, I was rarely without a book. I got in trouble for reading in English class once, no joke.She was not my favorite teacher. But it didn’t discourage me from always having a book with me.And growing up, reading was always looked […]

Succession planning is good for your brand

The hit HBO show “Succession” brought to the mainstream a concept that has been around for centuries. Some even argue there are lessons from God on succession planning in the Bible. No matter how far it dates back, the concept of planning for what and who is next when it comes to a business’ future […]