From under what rock did I emerge?

Columnist’s Note: this week I get to be a truck drivin’, pallet jackin’, paper movin’ man — and I hate it. But, there you go. Here’s a column from 2010. Enjoy. *  *  * My dad always said, “Son, you should learn something new everyday.” I felt that was sound advice until I had about […]

The LGBTQ crowd needs more letters.

You know, I was moving along swimmingly. And, while not ahead of the curve, I was at least riding the wave’s crest in understanding. I was getting it! It of course being the whole sexual identity thing. Just like the old Virginia Slim’s ad campaign touted, I’ve come a long way, baby! Then, what a […]

Dirty feet, no guarantees and love

The past week was one for reflecting, sharing loss, and for sending love through time and space to those who need. * * * A Clarkston family lost their little four year old child. Suddenly he was gone. Their lives forever changed. Sadness. Anger. It ain’t fair. Numbness. The little guy was a bundle of […]

Why yes, indeed, I believe Jesus pooped

When I was a lad barely into my double digits of age, one of the pictures in my mind, many double-digit in years later I often recall, is a large print that hung in the hallways of Clarktson’s St. Dan’s Catholic Church. It hung right there on the wall, when you walked into what is […]

A reminder of why we need a free press

  Stupid weather. Stupid weather. STUPID WEATHER! Okay, I feel better now having gotten that out in the open. Since the stupid weather in April has changed back to a cold, winter, windy, snowy mix (after a warmer than normal winter), this past weekend I was “forced” to work inside my home, instead of being […]

Don’t Rush Me: So, how does ‘the media’ influence kids?

By Don Rush I am working on, and I have to admit it, an extremely AWESOME column for next week (the first week in March). It is so spectacularly wonderful, I started it yesterday but it won’t be ready ‘til after this week’s deadline. So, instead of giving you something slipshod like, hurried together to […]

Don’t Rush Me: Midwifery is her lifery

By Don Rush I have a great job. I find most people interesting. I mean, we all have our stories, our pasts, our dreams and everything when mixed together makes us uniquely interesting. And, then there are some folks I find intriguing. One such person is Clarkston’s Wendy Pinter, 41. Pinter, mom to three, United […]

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