Chiropractic USA comes to downtown Oxford

If Drs. Marc VanHoogstraat and Colleen Trombley have their way, “subluxation” is going to be a household word one day very soon.
In an effort to spread the word about how interference with the nervous system (i.e. subluxation) diminishes people’s overall health and how proper chiropractic care can help, the couple converted their Lifetime Wellness Chiropractic practice (51 S. Washington St. Suite D) into a Chiropractic USA franchise.
“This is a nationwide branding of a higher standard of chiropractic care,” Trombley said. “This is taking proactive wellness care to the masses.”
Trombley said becoming part of a national franchise allows doctors to “pool their resources” and “take care of more people, more families,” which is the “ultimate goal.” Being part of a franchise gives people a consistency and higher standard in their chiropractic care.
“They can walk into any Chiropractic USA anywhere in the country and get the same quality care, the same passion, the same principles,” Trombley said.
Trombley also hopes to use the franchise’s “power of one voice” and the mass media to positively change the public’s false perceptions of chiropractic care and educate people about the problem of subluxation.
“The message has got to get out there,” she said. “People are suffering needlessly. If they understood chiropractic, and not have the misconceptions they have, we’d have a healthier country.”
“Our goal is to make subluxation a household word. Twenty to 25 years ago no one knew what cholesterol was until the word got out. We want everyone to know (what subluxation is) in five years. If everyone knows about it, they can find out whether they have it or not,” Trombley explained.
For more information about Chiropractic USA call VanHoogstraat and Trombley (who also serve as the franchise’s area representatives for Michigan) at (248) 628-4886 or log on to
Note: Chiropractic USA in Oxford held a holiday food drive from Nov. 10-20 and collected nearly 2,600 non-perishable food items for Oxford/Orion FISH, which estimated the collection will feed 40 families this holiday season.