Clarkston collaboration in ArtPrize

Clarkston News Staff Writer

If you check out ArtPrize in Grand Rapids this fall, you’ll see the work of 16 student artists from Clarkston.
“This is the first year student ArtPrize is available, it’s always been 18 and over and this year they opened it to K-12 schools,” Clarkston Community Schools Fine Arts Subject Area Coordinator Jessica Hall said.
The exhibit, entitled “Fostering Art Evolution,” was created by students during the 2016-2017 school year. The artwork will be displayed at Moosejaw Mountaineering from Sept. 16 through Oct. 8.
“A kindergartner’s drawing is interpreted by an upper elementary student, middle school student, junior high student, and high school student,” Hall said. “The drawings in this exhibit feature the original kindergarten sketch and the interpreted pieces.”
To have the collaboration featured in ArtPrize, the school had to match with a venue – 22 venues declined Clarkston before Hall paired up with Moosejaw.
“Moosejaw was the first one that picked us up and we knew that they were just kind of fun and energetic and a great spot for student artwork, so we hopped on board with them,” she said.
Only 26 schools throughout Michigan were picked to participate in student ArtPrize. Clarkston Community Schools has the chance to win $5,000 if the public votes up the artwork.
“I’m so excited for our students, I just really hope they can all make it there to see their work, because it is a big deal,” Hall said.
Renaissance High School Senior Casey Eversole had plans to check out her piece at Moosejaw over the weekend.
Eversole created a space alien based off the kindergarten picture she saw, complete with a spaceship that lights up.
“It was fun, it was the first time I ever wired something, so that was awesome,” Eversole said of her participation in the collaboration art project.
“Her’s is the only one that’s kind of interactive, where it has the lights and it’s dimensional,” Hall added.
The 16 pieces on exhibition were created by kindergarten students from Pine Knob and North Sashabaw Elementary, three fourth graders from Springfield Plains Elementary, three middle school students, three junior high students and four high school students, three from Clarkston and one from Renaissance.
Student artists include:
Series 1, squiggly arms, canvas:
Nicklas Grennan, Kindergarten, PKE; Katie Jakubiak, 4th Grade, SPE; Ruby Antonelli, 6th Grade, SMS; Delaney O’Brien, 8th Grade, CJHS; Olivia Groff, 12th Grade, CHS;
Series 2, many eyes, framed: Freya Vieau, Kindergarten, NSE; Avery Phillips, 4th Grade, SPE; Kayla Pace, 6th Grade, SMS; Bo Anderson, 8th Grade, CJHS; Maya Neideck, 12th Grade, CHS; and Casey Eversole, 12th Grade, RHS;
Series 3, bike, framed: Lucy Auten, Kindergarten, NSE; Ella Reed, 4th Grade, SPE; Sophia Catella, 6th Grade, SMS; Jessica Aleman, 8th Grade, CJHS; and Haley McLaren, 12th Grade, CHS.

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