Creator’s Image wins championship

For Teresa Mershman, sponsor of the Creator’s Image Photography youth baseball team, one moment in the season stands out for her.
‘There was a time when an opposing team’s player was injured and was unable to return to the game in the final inning,? Mershman said. ‘After their loss to the Creator’s Image Team, the players lined up and shook every opposing players hand then went into the dugout and included the injured player.?
Creator’s Image Photography held on to their sportsmanship in their championship win, capping the Independence Township Parks and Recreation Youth Baseball season.
Creator’s Image had only lost one game during the season and they faced the team who beat them, Clarkston Medical Group.
The boys from Creator’s Image scored their first run in the bottom of the first inning and kept the momentum going until the seventh inning, winning 9-6.
‘It was a good victory for us,? said Creator’s Image Coach Juan Reyes II. ‘I knew my kids had a lot of potential. Everyone was committed to it. We went out and practiced whenever we could make it. The kids are awesome. It was a lot of team work.?
He owed a lot of the team’s success to the boys? passion for the game and help from his assistant coach, Brian Benway, and manager, Amy Wilks.
Coach Reyes has coached since his son began playing tee ball and has taught the boys to have fun and practice sportsmanship.
Clarkston Medical Group made two runs in the top of the second inning and kept the lead until the third inning when Creator’s Image scored four runs. Jeff Pearce kept his team’s spirits up, reminding them they had beat them before and they could do it again.
The boys were motivated going into the seventh inning. They were behind, 9-4, but brought in two runs.
But Creator’s Image pitcher Juan Reyes III didn’t get shaken up by the points as he struck out the next three batters for the win.
Clarkston Medical Group received second place trophies for their season and a treat from Dairy Dream from Coach Pearce.
‘You guys are still champs,? Pearce told the boys.