Dear Editor,

Here in Clarkston, we enjoy wonderful public schools, beautiful public parks and an active public library. These things make our community an appealing place for families to live. These things make us a community (rather than a bunch of people who just happen to live near each other), and our continued commitment to these things is a testament to our generosity, maturity, and conscientiousness.
We should not take these things for granted, however, because their continued existence is not guaranteed. Some folks want to privatize or defund these institutions, and doing so would have a devastating effect on our community, particularly on families with children. If candidates for office want my vote, I expect them to demonstrate their commitment to preserving and protecting our public parks, public schools, and public libraries. I hope my neighbors have the same expectations.
Let’s appreciate the wonderful things our community has to offer, and let’s keep a good thing going!

Michael Stohrer
The Village of Clarkston

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