Everest’s Joseph Milosch finishes top 10 at state meet

By Wendi Reardon Price
Staff Writer
Clarkston Everest Collegiate senior Joseph Milosch finished in the top ten the Michigan High School Powerlifting Association State Meet at Lake Orion High School, March 9.
Milosch finished in ninth place in the 181-pound weight class with a total of 1,145. He had 390 in squat, 290 in bench and 465 in deadlift.
“Some of my personal highlights have been placing second in my regional competition and watching my teammates pr at almost every competition,” he shared. “My goal was to bench press 300 pounds at the state meet, but I fell short by ten pounds.”
He added a struggle he had this season was with a back injury after his first competition.
“I was unable to squat or deadlift for over a month which is a huge problem considering that is two of the three lifts,” he said. “I trained the best I could despite this and I was able to squat 390 for a personal record at states.”
Milosch added his teammates were a huge help this season.
“They push me to be better by making me do one more rep,” he said.
Milosch began powerlifting to get stronger for the football season. He competed his sophomore year, but was unable to compete in his junior year because the day of the regional competition he was taking his ACT.
He shared his senior year was different from his previous years lifting as this was the first year Everest had an official powerlifting team.
“Before this, those of us that competed in competitions did so on our own and worked out on our own,” he said. “This year, we had a workout schedule and all of us worked out as a team at powerhouse in the morning.”

Joseph Milosch lifts during the Michigan High School Powerlifting State Meet, March 9. Photo: Provided by Mary Roselli

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