Girl Scouts honored for free libraries

The community was treated to two Little Free Libraries in downtown Clarkston last summer from the Girl Scout Troop 13363.
The freshmen in the group were awarded for Community Enhancement for the libraries during the 31st Annual Clarkston Community Awards on Tuesday.
“It’s very cool because we thought we did something so small, but it turned out so big,” said Lauren Dombrowski, Hannah Music and Emily Herrmann. “We were presented an award for outstanding citizenship from the City of Clarkston which meant a lot to us.”
They created the libraries for their Silver Award Project.
“We thought it was cool and thought we could do it in our town,” Music said last year.
Little Free Libraries are located in Depot Park and on the northwest corner of Main and Washington streets. Each one is full of books and anyone is able to pick up a book or drop off a book to share. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The troop built and painted the libraries and also held a book drive to collect items to place in the libraries. They also check on the libraries to refill on books or rotate books.
Dombrowski, Music and Herrmann added the award means a lot to the troop.
“We tried very hard to make them useful and they turned out amazing,” they explained. “It makes us feel special and proud because we thought of enhancing our community.”
The young ladies added it doesn’t take much to change the world.
“The community can do anything to enhance where we live,” they shared. “Something small can lead to major success.”
The troop includes Dombrowski, Herrmann, Music, Elizabeth Scheil, Bailey Schroeder, Nadia Smith, Olivia Thomas and Julia Walker with troop leaders Jennifer Herrmann and Amy Music.
“We would like to say thank you to everyone who uses the libraries,” said Dombrowski.
“We worked very hard on them and we are glad others noticed, too,” added Herrmann.
The girls will be sophomores at Clarkston High School in the fall and plan to work on their Gold Award – the highest award a Girl Scout can earn.

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